• Avoid the spam bit Mitt to keep your account on the up and up. Love these tips, which work on other networks too. Stay relevant, re-check their policies, and prosper. Now to get myself Pinning 😉 Thanks!

    • Hi Ryan,

      Thank you for your comment. Like you mentioned these tips apply to other networks too.

      You’re welcome.


      • Eddie Childress

        Same thing here.

        All my pins were from other users, And all my collection were set as private. So there was no way that an other user could have flagged it, as offensive. I think the other users above are right, that they just suspend account for the productivity. Worst site I have ever joined, but I have thousands of very important pins on there if they would just allow me to move just those to a new account. I bet the are gone for ever hundreds of hours just gone down the drain. They don’t care if you get your account back or not. Damn haters they just want to cause people problems.

  • Nygel Rose

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  • Natasha

    I’m having this problem at the moment. 4 days and they still haven’t got back to me as to why I have been suspended. They mentioned in the reply e-mail they are a small team and will get back to me. Seem like they are overwhelmed and should expand. I loved pinterest but now I am hesitant to post important sites. I’ve lost all my PINs 🙁

    • Jessica

      Did you hear anything yet, Natasha?

      • Natasha

        No, nothing! 🙁 Very disappointing. Other people are having other issues too and Pinterest are failing to get back to them.

        • Ricardo Flores

          Hi Natasha, I hear your pain. It just happened to me! I dedicated so much time and energy making it my very own, and now I don’t know if it is still there. No warning for us to save our valuable content! It sucks.

        • BucsForLife

          Same thing happened to me. But they did eventually get back to me and re-activated my account. Took a few days though lol

          • Mariajay

            Did they ever let you know what inappropriate content you pinned?

          • BucsForLife

            I honestly don’t remember but it was probably something to do with their nudity policy

          • corinne

            Ugh, I’m on day 10, going on 11 with no response to why my account has been suspended. So frustrating!

          • BucsForLife

            You aren’t the only one having this problem. Reading some of the comments on their FB page a few others are as well. As they’ve gotten more popular in recent years I’ve noticed the quality of their support has dipped significantly.

  • Sheri Pruitt

    My account was suspended yesterday, I have no idea why. I’ve never pinned anything that violates their policies and terms. I went through the process above, and have yet to hear anything back. 🙁 It’s very frustrating! All of my recipes!!! I’m going to try filling out one of these forms every day. I don’t know if that will help, but I don’t know what else to do!

    • I had the same problem as you, my account has been suspended today with no reason, I tried to contact them, they just say someone is looking into my account that is it, I have no idea how long they will take. All my important inspiration are on it…

  • Roland

    I like Pinterest a lot but it really is the worst social media site I’ve ever experiened. They continuously suspend accounts without telling exactly why… The response is generally late and incomplete. It is very frustrating bcse you continuously loose your boards and you have no chance at all to learn from eventual or apparent mistakes. Even when you just repin things from others, your account can be suspended, but you will never know why…

    • DougNTexas

      Exactly Roland. If my pictures were removed then what is the problem? I have no ideal which picture they removed from my site. I have no ideal how long I am to be suspended. They hold all the cards. If You are offended by a picture on my site then leave and do not come back. What may suspend You may be fine with a lot of other people. There are some folks that just want every thing to fit there world.

      • Darkhatter

        All i ever did was repin things and i’m the one that got suspended and yeah, they don’t tell you why. It’s so frustrating because I feel like i’ve done nothing wrong. They need to grow with the times and understand that it’s not just for expectant mothers anymore

        • Waqas

          Also they don’t reply email. Its been 5 days now. They suspended my account without any notice and reason.

          • Corinne

            They suspended my account 10 days ago and not responded to any help tickets, emails, tweets or posts. I don’t know what else to do. My business has taken a HUGE hit with traffic down and I’ve lost revenue. So discouraged by their lack of response.

          • Chris F

            Our business account has had the same issue, they have not responded to several of our emails. It has been about 3 days. Suspended our account due to “spam” which makes 0 sense.

          • Judy Heger-mills

            Exactly the same thing happened to me. They could at least send a warning before just locking people out. I hate this.

          • Danielle Bibi Susman

            same here 8 weeks i don’t know why no emails no response it’s insane

        • Allhorselover

          I’ve had the same thing happen, and I don’t understand why there is a problem if they have removed the “offending” pin. It would help if they said WHICH PIN they removed so you are able to watch what is pinned in that catagory..but they don’t, which makes it a crap shoot.

        • Dominica C

          same here … all my work and boards for school are lost forever ! I feel really bad and just want to search for another platform to save my pictures, ideas and inspirations. I’m afraid if I’ll restart my boards again through a new email address and I’ll get suspended again, everything will be lost AGAIN. I would literally die.

      • Kisa Nao

        I’m pretty pissed everytime some of my pins are removed cause apparently some party just couldn’t take it as they are offended which is just terribly annoying. I put my pins under Private section and it could still be removed. I really hope for a completely private account or at the very least a private board so I can pin as freely as I could. If you are offended by the pin stfa gosh. It is just irritating cause I try to keep track of where all the pins are and suddenly some of them are missing and I don’t know ones they were!! DX

      • Alex K.

        Those “folks” are most likely unhappy, ugly-looking, overweight & endlessly offended SJW’s, sitting in their parent’s basements in a perpetual state of victimhood, looking to “punish” those, who appear happier, have fun in life and generally better good-looking than them.
        Good luck trying to NOT offend them – it’s virtually impossible!

    • Danielle Bibi Susman

      It happened to me no reason no explanation they use to be good now i feel it’s sinking
      I agree with you

  • Pissed Pinner

    my account was suspended yesterday – no idea why – I followed the above steps and have not gotten a response or reactivated. Totally frustrating. What bad customer service. I am relying on those boards for a big project and now have no access and no backup.

  • Jill

    just had mine suspended and received a canned email saying I shouldn’t post anything sexually explicit…my boards were all interior design shots of kitchens, fireplaces, etc. No people in and of them! Are pictures of farm sinks somehow considered sexual??? Was going to use this as a central site for collaborating with our home builder, but will obviously need to go to another company’s service!

    • annoyed

      after telling you this did they re activate your account?

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    • Alex K.

      I think that they randomly shut down various accounts to show their bosses some “productivity” and that they diligently do their “job” of patrolling and serving as vigilantes/moral watchdogs — regardless if they victimize truly innocent people.
      Nice job, Pinterest!

  • Nancy in PA

    My account was suspended about 6 months ago. I had done nothing wrong, and was really upset. I contacted Pinterest in the manner described above. I never heard anything back from them, but about three weeks later, I was able to log in again. I was sooooo annoyed.

    • I’m glad I reading your post. I will try it later and hope to gain my content back.

  • indigo1898

    Pretty silly site. I made an account, because I was looking at pictures on the net, and I got tired of the 1/3 black page blocking the view of it. They said, there is more to see. No explanation really on the purpose of pins, of making a board… I make a board called “hunks” and there is my suspension. So, I think I will just leave this site alone. I don’t care anything about it, anyways.. LOL!

  • LaLa

    I literally just joined pinterest today and then pinned a picture of a a colour chart, next thing you know I’m suspended like what the heck?

    • Eddie Childress

      You were discriminating against Color Blind People.

  • Annette

    I was suspended for pins related to my best friend’s wedding. I am the maid of honor…. not sure what I could have pinned that was inappropriate?!

  • Tranny Chaser

    Pinterest would rather go after decent people for alleged violations (which aren’t but only offend some idiot) instead of dealing with their child pornography problem.

    • stephen ohluk

      I was pinning from one board, and I started thinking,’hey, these ‘women’ look kinda young—TOO YOUNG…and they ALL were completely NAKED with open genital shots…does that person get suspended–probably NOT…thar is something VERY FISHY going on…everyone KNOWS SEX SELLS…pinterest ITSELF sent me emails of pics I thought were forbidden, and all they said was sorry…REALLY? I asked how is it that they can’t block ‘unwanted’ pics, and all they said was,’ just because it’s on here, doesn’t make it legal’…that’s two-handed double-cross, because when I click on a pin, they KNOW which board to put it on BEFORE I DO…there is an agenda that they follow: start a fire with explicit pins, have people fan the flames and entice even MORE people to the site, to sell more stuff & advertising—and then cover their tracks by looking concerned about inappropriate material—GENIUS!! Sure, they have ‘policies’, but only to save themselves from a lawsuit…I could go on & on, but I think GOD did me a great favor…I was spending WAAAAY too much time on…….NOTHING!!!

      • stephen ohluk

        P.S. …and another thing—if people make boards and do not realize OTHER people are going to see and like—it’s not STEALING, it’s re-pinning…I’ve had people copy me from childhood, and I could care less—but for the ‘bullies’, if they exist…that is so SORRY—it’s a PUBLIC social site, not yur own little domain…I seriously am concerned if a person is mentally capable to handle sharing what they think THEY FOUND & IS THEIR’S, ONLY—thar’s lot’s of people who need intervention & honest help from the demons who lurk…especially on pinterest and it’s addictive enterprize…

  • Sam

    I created an account a few days ago and had only made a few secret boards, with NO pins, to get myself started. I tried to log on today to start pinning and it wouldn’t let me log in. They suspended my account. I haven’t pinned anything yet! What policy could I have possibly violated with NO PINS?!

    • I hear you, that’s really stupid from their administration!

  • criss dockers

    I’m sorry but Pinterest policy clearly states that non explicit or pornographic nudity “is” allowed. Their own example of what’s allowed is a picture of John Lennon and Yoko Ono fully nude. Why they continually suspend accounts and remove pins of like content is remarkably unprofessional. They treat pinners like children by giving no notice or explanation. Artists should stay away and find alternative resources to an amateurishly enforced policy that caters to prudish old ladies who only post thousands of pictures of kittens.

    • Alex K.

      Bravo! Beautifully said…..

    • Some things never change smh

  • Lisa

    After having my original Pinterest account for almost a year it was suspended. I had over 1000 followers and 50+ boards. Granted I did not read the Pinterest content policy until after they sent me an email concerning a deleted pin. I proceeded to delete any and all pins that I thought might be offensive and they still suspended me. I emailed them several times in which they did respond within days. I plead my case saying I went through every pin and asked if they would please reactivate my original account and they declined. It really sucks because I had pinned every book I had read onto my boards that had to do with certain types of books, i.e. romance, supernatural, biker, rocker romance, etc. all gone. I don’t know why they can’t just delete the pins they or whoever find offensive and let you keep your remaining boards. Luckily I backed all my pins up with Pin4ever.

    • Yuka-chan >///<

      Mine got suspended today, It had only 8 boards including secret once. But I had 3.9K pins! and 784 followers, ugghhh! This is so frustrating! -_-

      • AncientGlassDoll180

        I feel ya. I had over 1,000 pins(Maybe more than 1,000) and 622 followers. I got my account suspended but received no email. I HAVE LIKE 20+BOARDS!

    • Allhorselover

      What is pin4ever??? Never heard of it, and wish I had before they shut me down. I don’t know if I will ever get my account back and I had saved medical information that I don’t know if I will find again. I will try the pin4ever and see how that goes……..maybe I will get my account back, but after 2 weeks and nothing for reply to my emails I am not sure.

  • Bdeveloper Seo

    its true but for new accounts only

  • Sarah Shirayuki

    I was really liking pinterest as of late, and it was fun pinning such sweet, funny and inspirational all the same stuff, but as I was typing a comment onto a pin that made me laugh hard, they just suspended me! I mean, just like that!
    Now I’m considering making a new account after looking at all these comments… 😾

  • DougNTexas

    I had my account suspended about three weeks ago. They said I had two or three pictures that were not appropriate and the pictures were taken down by Pinterest. . of course they did not tell which pictures they were.I had over 1,000 pictures. I still have no ideal which ones they were. They gave me a link to contact but the link did not work. I have no idea how long I will be suspended. Every single picture I had was copied from another member. All they told me was some one complained. So much for free speech on Pinterest.

    • AncientGlassDoll180

      Yea same. If people don’t like the pin boards then don’t look at them.

  • Jennifer Benkhauser

    I just had my account suspended and I bet its the pin bullies that force this to happen b/c they only want you to pin 5 pins or 10 pins. they are not their personal pins to enforce this made-up rule and they are going against the ToS b/c pinterest don’t stipulate how many pins, but as soon as these PIn bullies suddenly Pinterest jumps to their commands!!! So it accuse blockdont bother looking for evidence – the Pinterest way. And if people have a problem with content, come to me about , don’t run to Mummy & Daddy ffs. .. talk about or lack thereof from these pin bullies. And total lack of professionalism from Pinterest. Now my account is frozen & I don’t know how long for. If anyone can give me suggestions 0n how to reactivate it again myself, I would be immensely grateful…

  • SuzyQ

    My account got suspended today. All I was doing was looking at haircuts and bang………………..your out of here. Well whatever……………..BANG YOUR OUT OF HERE.

  • Simone

    Hi all, I’ve just finished to read a lot of comments about Pinterest suspending account as they have suspended me too one week ago….and still do not know why !!

    I have an account on Pinterest just because the images here are good for suggestion and inspiration for new projects, but Pinterest is a reall disaster for what I’ve red here…Now, my question is: is there any alternative social media which may be as much usefull for my needs? Do you have any suggestion?

  • BabyBumble Bzz

    I got my account suspended today, pinterest e-mailed me saying I pinned a sexual picture. I only repin pictures, and I see so many other accounts with the same pictures, and their accounts never got suspended. I checked their accounts I repinned from with my friends account. Some accounts have a lot of sexual nudity pictures all on one board and still not get suspended. I don’t know but I’m starting to not want to use pinterest anymore.

    • AncientGlassDoll180

      Same! I had my account suspended but no idea why. I’ve been using the same account for years but I’ve always posted the same kind of content and I haven’t spamed…So i’m pretty confused right now. I just hope it gets un-suspended, I have a lot of boards and followers.

      • Brenda Kaplan

        My account was suspended about the same time frame as yours. I have never been contacted by Pinterest about the suspension, either before the suspension or after my contacting them several times. Have you heard anything from anyone? Has your account been reinstated?
        Very frustrated here!

  • Joe Inserra

    Hi there I’m sorry what happened to you guys I’m going through the same thing I lost my account and nobody shouldnt lose thier account thinking your stuff is they turn everything into nightmares I had everything my family photos my pictures that I don’t even have any more they’re on the site and they suspended me for no reason nothing at all it was gone and I miss you so much I wish I could get it back just terrible for what they done I’ve been crying and crying and I’ve been wanting their help and no one’s helping me out please help me I don’t understand I want my account back I’ve been fighting over a man for 6 months now made more and they keep disappearing made more and keep disappearing what’s the point I will never be nothing or not do anything anymore I used to love Pinterest for now I hate it for what they done to me and other people everyone should get their account back I wish you could sign petitions or something like that to get your account back I wish I could get it back I just wish I can

  • cubicleking

    pinterest sucks – get canned responses without specifics and my post and images are suitable for a fifth grader

    honest man can’t make honest posts there without getting flagged

  • Darkhatter

    Honestly i did have content on there that they didn’t ‘allow’ but i repinned it as it were so it was already on there and the pins are all still there, so they’re singling me out(?) I mean come on, there’s always been content on there that they didn’t approve of, if they don’t like it then they should get rid of the images themselves because 3.4 k repinners and only one of them getting suspended isn’t exactly fair. And it’d be nice to have an explenation as to why all of a sudden they’ve suspended me.

    • Darkhatter

      I should also add that they were all hand drawn pictures. Not pornographic photos of someone…I’m not a crusty old lady and neither is majority of the users, pinterest isn’t as good as i thought it was. Will find somewhere else to find my insperation

      • baba kurana

        can you recomaind some other better site for saving photos in albums?

      • Yuka-chan >///<

        We’re on the same boat. I was repinning everything I find good enough. They were from other pinners, so why only me? -_-

  • jklil

    I love Pinterest but it is being stupid. I’ve been repeating this process all day but it replies with the same email every time. I don’t even know if it’ll reactivate.

  • corinne

    My account has been suspended for 12 days now without a response from Pinterest to any of my help tickets, emails, posts and tweets. So frustrating. This is terrible for a blogger whose main traffic source is Pinterest.

  • Nadia Karpov

    My account was suspended today for no reason. All my boards were related to Interior Design Ideas. They sent me a notification that account was suspended. At the bottom they had something like “if you think it happened by mistake, please click here within 7 days and we will review it.” So, i did, and they reactivated the account same day.

  • Liam Brodey

    I just opened a Pinterest account today 8/18/16. Not 1 board is on it
    and I haven’t pinned anything yet! My account was already suspended.
    Only took them an hour and a half. Now I know I didn’t do anything…never even had a chance to even search for any pins! geez

  • Sophia Sara

    Yesterday i started one new pinterest account and pined only one blood pressure article pin.and i start to follow health reated pinners.i followed only 25 pinners only .suddenly your account suspended message was appears.
    Pinterest is Very very foolish system.

    • Yuka-chan >///<

      Wow, that’s so unfair.

  • i m also suffering exactly the reason was pin for nude .i mail the team ok it was in secret board sorry it pined on general board. if any pin against your policy you team also delete but i cant say again suspend and when ever i want to open the board it is n that not open .this is not a way to deal with us .when i mail then it feel that you are behave like forget customer .please talk to me and open my board unless you bad people so many side in this world .pint rest is black sight came in my life after that i cant discuss and sending to my all Google/Twitter/Tumbler/FB/circle to stop these type of bad behaviour side they escape your board after pin . Is any one Honest In Pintrest Co. Who is Listening or Not.

  • 1adam 12

    I wish there was another site like Pinterest that doesn’t have right to suspend accounts because of a repin, really

    • Brenda Kaplan

      Check out We Heart It. It’s similar to Pinterest. I’ve used is since I’ve been suspended. It’s not as user friendly, but it’s a place to store photos, ideas, etc.

  • jennifer

    I used to think pinterest was a terrible site but then i made an account and found it very interesting since it had a lot of content. Then, in the same day I made the account (today) they suspended my account. I was browsing in the moment and it suddenly logged me out, and when I tried to login it said I was suspended. I had less than 80 posts and none of it was offensive at all, just clothes, food and education stuff. So I guess I should have trusted my instincts.

    • jennifer

      Also, is there any other sites like pinterest, but that don’t suspend you for nothing?

      • royston

        did you find out if there are any other sites? I’m also suspended . I repined stuff that was already on pinterest! don’t get it myself

      • Brenda Kaplan

        Try We Heart It. It’s a similar type of format.

        • jennifer

          lol pinterest unsuspended me but i have used we heart it before. it’s definitely not as complete as pinterest, in my opinion. and people tagging everything in their photos is very annoying, like i searched cat and there was: a picture of boots, a motivational image, a picture of high heels… anyway, i used it only for cute tumblr-like pictures.

  • Zoraima

    I hope this helps!! I’m so bummed!! I use this for work and I rely on it way to much!!! I have nothing whatsoever on my pins that is inappropriate! This hurts me bad! We are led to use these new apps and technology!!! This is so unfair!

  • Allhorselover

    First I got notified that they removed some pins….ok….but they didn’t tell me one day later why they suspended my account. It’s been over two weeks and countless emails TO them, with NO REPLY AT ALL……….. HOW can one get their account reactivated, and get an explanation for what they did. It’s beyond frustrating to say the least, and more so when they don’t tell you anything or give one a chance to make changes before they shut you down.

  • Enigma

    I have been writing to them for 3 months after I was spammed and my account was suspended, pleading with them to reactivate my account as I have important family pictures, all they do is sent out a computer generated e-mail eachtime with no solution.

  • D Vocal

    I am having the same issue with my Pinterest account,
    I a very new member and went to save my 1st pin and then all of sudden got kicked out. I tried to log back in and thats what I got the error saying my account was suspended and it makes NO SENSE!!!!
    I like it because Im an artist and the reference I have come across on the site seems very comprehensive, I submitted a complaint but still havent heard anything back,
    If anyone has any pointers on this please advise,

    • Kisa Nao

      If it is explicit content it might be better to save it under Private Section. It will still be able to be removed if ‘Some people” complained but smaller chance of removal than if it is public board. About the suspension thing, since interest has gotten bigger well they slipped their service part. It practically sucks as our Pinterest seniors said it might be.

      I suggest you resubmitted the complaint with that email and another one using your other email. Just make one with gmail if don’t have any other mail. 🙂
      Or you could make a new account while you’re suspended. So you are not stuck there. That’s all I know. Hope helps. I’m around half year now in Pinterest. Good luck!

      • D Vocal

        Hey Kisa,
        Thanks for the reply,
        So I finally got my account put back into active status.
        The first tech that received my issue just replied “spam”, signed their name and closed the ticket. I replied to them saying that its not spam and reiterating what was done when the suspension happened and then someone else emailed me a couple days later explaining that somehow my account got grouped along with a bad batch of spam accounts by accident and thats how it ended up getting suspended. He assured me the account was placed back into active and I checked while I was reading the email.

        So for anyone else who is going through this, I would suggest just responding to the email you get from their support. If you submit a complaint and you dont hear from someone within a week, submit another complaint, you should get a reply,
        Thanks. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/610ee2e2379fcfec8d8688c6498f5e960429163615141bae4c95b70bbecd4580.png

        • Kisa Nao

          You got your account back now? That’s good! 🙂
          Although that first CS was just.. I mean “spam” and close their ticket?? :/

          But anyway. Glad yours are ok now. 🙂 Have fun pinning again! ^ ^

        • Vasko

          How did you even open ticket i did not recive no email from them at all why i’m suspended and when i contact them there is nothing back at the mail! Thanks

  • Cristina

    This is driving me crazy, I started with Pinterest four years ago, 32000 images, 17500 followers, lately I don’t keep images at any other place and I just pin fashion, flowers, decor, children clothes … which is my professional environment. Suddenly all gone, suspended. I have another business account and all the pins shared are also gone. It has been five days without response.
    Any of you got the account back?

  • craig

    I use Pinterest for ideas and for when FBgets boring. But I made the mistake of repining some of the pics that were already on there. Suspended 2 or 3 times.It got to the point where I didn’t know if I could repin a pic of a woman without having to really think about it, Ive read some of the entries on here, I cant believe how many there are!!. I empathise with allot of people here, it feels personal, like youre being targeted. A growing site but with what seems like a tiny team of people who take it on themselves just what the content can be and personally too. The world is made up from many people with different interests. This is the Internet,World Wide Web. The clue is in the name.WWW. Another similar site would be good. One that didn’t keep suspending people. Get with the times Pinterest, this is 2016

  • carmen

    I read all the comments here and I truly understand everybody’s frustration , because I’ve lost a Pinterest account at the beginning of this year . They said ( automatically , of course) it was suspended because I’ve pinned too many pins , but that was not the truth since I not even entered in my account in that period of time and I asked them to check this thing. I consider that Pinterest is a social media site that should not exist on internet , because of their bad management of their platform and the incredible bad attitude they have toward people.
    After they have used you to grow their platform and make money with your efforts to build your boards , they blame on you if someone stole your account for example. For sure my account was hacked , but they don’t recognized and instead to ask for apologies because they caused you such a loss , they blame on you ( and also this thing is done automatically) . The worst part is that you cannot do nothing in this situation , only to suffer in silence because your entire work was lost . You cannot talk about what happened with nobody , because in these situations Pinterest is deaf and mute . My advice for everybody is to don’t spend your time and efforts on such horrible platform , because sooner or latter you’ll have trouble with them and you’ll not be able to do anything. Pinterest should actually retire completely from the market until they solve the many problems that their platform has.

    • Kujiranoai

      Same thing happened to me. I was using the site to collect work by particular artists (e.g. Titian, Michelangelo etc) and suspended for no reason I can see and no response at all from support – so I guess it must be because some of the Old Masters painted nudes?!

      I think the real reason I was suspended was I had a lot of pins but nothing generating advertising revenue for them so they don’t want people like me using their servers – as simple as that.

      Pinterest is more of a scam site than anything else – join it and you risk wasting your time as the more you use it without generating revenue for them it looks certain you will get banned.

      I will open another account, keep most of my boards secret and occasionally pin things that look like promoted pins to try and keep off any screening they do of non revenue generating accounts.

      Of course of everyone did this the site would not function but there is no choice if you might be banned for no reason any time.

  • MrBlu2u

    I have now sent the 4th query at to why I have been suspended. The only communication I have received from Pinterest was, “How would you rate our support?” … What support, I have received nothing. It is disheartening and makes it very difficult to even want to start a new account, as I had several 100s of thousands of pins and many thousands of followers. I hope I hear back from them this time, even if it is just to tell me why.

  • Richard Neva

    I also got suspended for posting copyrighted material that was not labeled. I am very upset by their ridiculous charges on me. They even threatened to have me sued for this offense. I do not know what they are talking about. Arbitrary assholes they are!

  • i think #DeviantArt must think about ” #PinArt ” service …

  • Robert Ikanov

    Though I didn’t offended anyone, my account (including dozens of well-arranged boards containing about 10 pictures) has just been deleted without any explanation. And it seems I am not worthy of a response.

  • EricaHazel

    I just had upwards of 90 style, recipe, and health related boards deleted without a warning. I still haven’t gotten an email telling me I was suspended or why. I think I’m going to just leave Pinterest. Maybe when I’m not so upset and bitter I’ll be back.

  • AncientGlassDoll180

    I have been using the same account for several years but suddenly I was suspended. I have always posted things revolving around the same content and I haven’t spamed anything I believe since I usually post to my own personal boards. So I don’t really understand. I sent a message so hopefully it gets un-suspended.

  • Krystionna Moore

    Even worst, I have a transgender support site that MANY govot for information, help, questions and support. I was suspended without warning or notice WHY. Pinterest is beyond the worst site I have ever used. Even the idiots at Facebook aren’t as bad as Pinterest. I followed steps to re-enstate acct and They sent me an ’empty, blank’ response and asked if I needed any further help?!?! WTH! Of course I do! So I replied and This was over a week ago.

  • Brenda Kaplan

    When I tried to log in about ten days ago, I was shocked to learn that my account had been suspended. No warning or explanation from Pinterest has been given. If I’ve pinned something inappropriate, I’ll be damned if I know what it was. Pretty much all I’ve ever pinned is art, fashion, and recipes. Pinterest has contacted me in the past saying pins have been removed, but that it wasn’t my fault, that it was someone else’s pin that I had repinned. They make it sound like that’s not a problem on my part, so if that’s why I was suspended they should say so. Sorry, but if there’s something pinned on a board, I have no way of knowing it’s a copyright violation before I repin it. I’ve contacted them several times in the last two weeks, with no response. It is very upsetting to feel you’ve been accused of doing something wrong but with no chance to defend yourself or any recourse to fix the problem.

  • salwc2k

    Pinterest and it’s account team are useless. First they removed a pin that I repinned from the pinterest site (I’ve never pinned anything other than from the pinterest site), then a week later they suspended my account and didn’t give a reason. I opened a trouble ticket with their help desk and asked that they either reactivate my account or delete it entirely as I don’t want any account of mine in social media just sitting there in a suspended state. Well, a month later after not hearing back from them they then send me an email asking me to ‘rate their service’. Really? I wrote back and asked ‘What service’? They didn’t provide me a service as I never got an answer from them. Now it’s been 2 months and nothing still (ticket shows closed) and my account still shows suspended. Worst social media site ever and their ‘help desk’ is anything but help, more like the ‘helpless desk’.

  • xMissChowx

    Ihgot suspended two weeks ago, no reason. I was having that account for 2 years and had tons of food pictures, Asian males, Fashion and make-up pins. Over 2k. All gone. Pinterest sucks for real!! Please let Pinterest get shut down already!!

  • Perspective

    Pinterest are useless. They suspended my account for no reason one month ago and have not fixed the situation despite over 10 requests to their “help” team. With over 20K pins on 50 board meticulously developed over 3 years, I’m mega-pissed at their lack of communication, action or explanation. Pinterest are known for their lack of customer support and now you can chalk me up as another completely annoyed customer. They’ve had commercial problems monetizing their platform and the poor customer service, arrogant treatment of loyal users and heavy-handed approach makes me wish they continue to lose millions of dollars. Bring on the competitor that respects customers and Pinterest will disappear into the ether.

  • Matthew Vosloo

    Does Pinterest even respond to these tickets? I have sent 4 and they just close them…

  • Al 7-Eleven

    What I don’t get is how the people that I got my “porn” from still have their accounts up with all the same pins!

  • jeffrey de young

    My account was suspeneded several months ago. I have filled out the form for a appeal several times and still have never got any responses. I don’t even know why they suspeneded me and can’t get a response. What to do ?

  • Gosh! I have the same problem! it’s been like 3 weeks and I have no answer. I’m thinking maybe there are some naked pictures in one of my board, but those are models for artistic purpose, and even that those where just pinned from other acounts. so I don’t really get it. they could just send an advice or something.

  • Jack Nicholas

    How can I ask apologize to them if they say I have violated their policies

  • Antonio Kowatsch

    Thanks for the info. It was really helpful. My account just got suspended for no apparent reason and I was totally shocked (mostly because I didn’t know what to do next). I’ve invested a great deal of time to create my boards which is why I’m so angered about this whole debacle. Even if they fix this issue I’ll backup all of my data and stop using Pinterest all together. This is simply unacceptable.

  • Neko Pasu

    Is it supposed to say your account was suspended or deactivated? Or does it just not matter?

  • Pamela Prince

    Ridiculous. I liked Pinterest a lot before but now they made me to hate it totally. How could they suspend my account without any prior notice? At least they should intimate what is the reason(though, I never violate any of their policy[including group policy]), after they suspended my account! I sent reactivate request but got only automatic response 🙁 Still no reply from their end. Mine is business account and now I got down due to this Pinterest Activity.

  • Eddie Childress

    Same thing here.

    All my pins were from other users, And all my collection were set as private. So there was no way that an other user could have flagged it, as offensiv. That they just suspend account for the productivity. Worst site I have ever joined, but I have thousands of very important pins on there. If they would just allow me to move just those to a new account. I bet they are gone for ever hundreds of hours just gone down the drain. They don’t care if you get your account back or not. Damn haters they just want to cause people problems.

  • AntiPinterest

    Pinterest wont do jackshit about it. They are brainless people working there. Pinterest will have less traffic in a few years and shut down. Karma is coming for them.

  • Reint Dijkema

    How can I reactivate my suspended and banned account, Please!?