The Complete Pinterest Marketing Bundle

The Complete Pinterest Marketing Bundle

The Complete Pinterest Marketing Bundle 

Massively boost your traffic and sales with Pinterest 

60 Days, No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee 

"I enjoyed the series of books and the extras that Mitt provided added so much value to the package. I would consider myself somewhere above a beginner but not quite an intermediate at Pinterest marketing and this information was very helpful for me. I learned a lot. 

Overall, this is a well organized, thorough, easy to implement series that is a valuable resource for anyone wanting to use Pinterest as a marketing tool. It is well laid out and easy to understand, so that even a beginner to Pinterest will have success. However, the marketing strategy book takes it to a level that even an advanced Pinterest user with an established page would find value in the package. 

Well done! I will be returning to the material again and again continuing to implement the strategies. I think Mitt did a fantastic job!"

Susan Hook of Susan Hook Communications, LLC

Would you like Pinterest to send you a constant stream of traffic and customers who will increase your profits? 

You know that to run a successful business you need traffic that will result in sales. 

Sadly, this type of traffic doesn't automatically land on your site. 

Fortunately, there's Pinterest... 

Pinterest drives more traffic than Twitter, Linkedin and Reddit combined (source: mashable). In fact it is the second highest referrer of all social media traffic. 

41% of traffic received by e-commerce sites is from Pinterest. (source: Inc.) 

The average order value of a Pinterest user is $179.36, two times more than a Facebook user (source: Fast Company). 

A lot of businesses get Pinterest wrong because they have no idea how to use it. 

Pinterest is different from other social networks not just in the way it looks, but in the way it is used too. 

Businesses need to understand that the Pinterest strategy they create, the page they set up and manage should specifically cater to Pinterest users if they want to enjoy the benefits it provides. 

I understand Pinterest and its user base as I have used it to not just grow my site, but also my clients'. Pinterest even drives the highest amount of social media traffic to my sites. 

I have set up Pinterest pages from scratch, managed them, optimized sites for Pinterest, created strategies, run contests and done various other things that have gotten stellar results for my clients. 

"I hired Mitt to build out my companies Pinterest Business Page and build out my first 10 boards. He did a great job and listened to all of my feedback. He came back around and updated the a strategy document for me before he completed the work, so we were both on the same page. Having this outsourced to Mitt allowed me to free up internal resources, knock out my project quickly and professionally. Excellent Job Mitt."

Joe Dahleen, Senior Vice President of Primary Capital Advisors

Mitt’s social media consultation and strategy report was extremely thorough, providing me with clear and concise steps I can follow on an ongoing basis to achieve better results longer term. Genuine, friendly, helpful and professional person.”

Diane Stafford of Web Designs Chester

I ensure that I get robust results for my clients by using checklists and cheatsheets. These are blue prints I created that help me execute every Pinterest marketing task flawlessly. 

Now I want you to have them... 

I have added more content and made them into detailed ebooks so that anyone, even those new to Pinterest, can use them too. 

You can use them to create a Pinterest strategy, set up the perfect Pinterest page, manage it effectively and create images that bring traffic, sales, engagement and followers. 

Here's what you get immediate access to when you get The Complete Pinterest Marketing Bundle 

4 Ebooks 

The Complete Pinterest Marketing Bundle consists of 4 ebooks that cover everything from creating a strategy to managing your page. Let's check out what you will learn in each ebook... 

How to Create a Pinterest Marketing Strategy 

How to Create a Pinterest Marketing Strategy

A step by step process that shows you how to figure out who your audience is, understand them and then create a Pinterest marketing strategy that will help you accomplish your business goals. 

How to Create the Perfect Pinterest Page

How to Create the Perfect Pinterest Page

To gain loyal followers and traffic, you need a Pinterest page that makes a solid first impression. From this ebook you will learn basic tips like editing notifications to choosing the right profile image to advanced things like implementing the pricing table strategy on your boards. 

How to Create Popular Pinterest Images

How to Create Popular Pinterest Images

To find success with Pinterest, you need to know how to design beautiful images that standout. Design can be a massive topic that overwhelms many people, but this ebook simplifies it for you. I have only covered the principles and steps required to create beautiful Pinterest images. 

After you read this ebook you should be able to design images that get you traffic and engagement. 

The tips I share here will also make it easy for you to pick the right images to pin from any site. 

How to Create a Pinterest Management Plan and Execute It 

How to Create a Pinterest Management Strategy and Execute It

From this ebook you will learn how to create a management plan and execute it in order to achieve your Pinterest marketing goals. You will also learn how to optimize your website for Pinterest, create Promoted Pins and run contests. 

15 Background Images 

15 background images in Pinterest marketing bundle

Images I have created have been pinned and repinned hundred's and thousands of times. I know the type of images that drive traffic and engagement on Pinterest. To give you a jump start I have designed 15 background images you can use right away. Add whatever you want to them and use them to promote your business. They are credit and royalty free. 

$762 Worth of Free Bonuses 

Along with the 4 ebooks and the 15 images you also get access to free bonues worth $762. Here are the bonuses... 

3 Months of Viraltag For Free

Viraltag is the tool I use to manage my Pinterest presence. It helps me find and schedule pins with ease, saving me countless hours. When you get The Complete Pinterest Marketing Bundle you will get 3 months of Viraltag free if you are a new user. You can also manage your other social media with this tool. This is worth up to $297. 

30 Days of Stencil For Free+ 25% Discount 

I design most of my images with Adobe Illustrator, but when I am in a hurry I like to use tools like Stencil. Stencil is an online image design tool with various shortcuts that saves me plenty of time. They are giving people who purchase The Complete Pinterest Marketing Bundle, the first 30 days free on any of their plans. You continue to get a 25% discount if you wish to continue thereafter. This is worth more than $78. 

25% on Wishpond Discount 

Wishpond has everything you need to run Pinterest contests. Along with this course you get a 25% discount for your first year on Wishpond (annual plan). This is worth up to $387. 

"Ive been looking for a strategy and plan to help with Pinterest for a long time. 

I've read blogs, did free video videos but nothing compared to Mitt's Pinterest book bundle. 

His books are filled with easy to follow step by step instructions on how to make your Pinterest page to gain more followers. 

Excellent guide for beginners." 

Angela Williams of Think Outside of the Box Praise Dance

Do Not Use Pinterest Without This Bundle

I have been using Pinterest for a long time now. Along the way I have made mistakes and figured out what works and doesn't. 

My clients are very important to me. I like to get everything right every single time. That's why I have these checklists and cheatsheets. 

You too can have them now. And they are better now as I have upgraded them into ebooks that contain more information. They are also easy to follow. 

Use them to make your entire Pinterest marketing process flawless. 

You can have The Complete Pinterest Marketing Bundle including the 4 ebooks, the 15 images and the $762 in bonuses for only $49. 

Yes, for $49 only 

You can literally spend this money on a meal at a restaurant or... 

  • You can make extra money by monetizing all those followers your Pinterest page has gathered 
  • Save time by getting Pinterest marketing right the first time 
  • Avoiding embarassing mistakes some blogs call 'best practices' 
  • Convert followers into repins and repins into traffic and traffic into sales 

It's all in your hands. 

Click the 'Get Access Now' button immediately. 

The Complete Pinterest Marketing Bundle

Get The Complete Pinterest Marketing Bundle for Just $49 

60-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there a guarantee? 

Yes, you get a 60-day no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee. 

If you aren't happy for any reason, just let me know and I will give you your money back. 

How long does it take to get access to the bundle? 

You get immediate access to this bundle. 

As soon as you purchase the bundle you can download the ebooks, images and instructions on how to get the bonuses. You can read them anywhere you like whether it is your desktop or tablet or mobile phone. 

Can I get any of this information online for free? 

You can find any information online for free. But most of it is mediocre. This is one of the reasons I created this bundle. I wanted to give away quality Pinterest marketing guides that actually work. 

Get Immediate Access to The Complete Pinterest Marketing Bundle

The Complete Pinterest Marketing Bundle

Get The Complete Pinterest Marketing Bundle for Just $49 

60-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

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