13 Blogging Statistics You Probably Don’t Know, But Should [Infographic]


13 Blogging Stats You Probably Don’t Know, But Should [Infographic]

Are you making the most of the latest blogging statistics to build a better blog?

You can easily find hundreds of blogging statistics around the web. Some of them are stats that mainly state why blogging is important and the others can help you create powerful blogs. I prefer reading the latter ones and implementing them on my blog to get better results.

So I looked around for studies and graphs that contain blogging stats that can be used to build a better blog and created this infographic. I also included some of the stats from research I had conducted in the past, like this one on How to Build a Credible Blog. Along with the blogging stats I have provided some tips on how they can be used to create a better blog too. Check them out below…

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Top 10 Social Media Infographics of 2013


Top 10 Social Media Infographics of 2013

Last year, we published many social media infographics on Social Marketing Writing, created by both us and others. Most of them proved to be quite popular. So I compiled a list of the 10 most popular social media infographics created and published by us on the blog. Check them out below…

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5 SEO Infographics to Magnify Your Search Engine Presence


5 SEO Infographics to Magnify Your Search Engines Presence

Would you like to drive more website traffic? Are you getting sufficient traffic from search engines?

For driving more website traffic, one of the main aspects businesses should focus on is SEO. When you search engine optimize your website, you make it search ready and this helps it appear higher in search results, thereby helping it attract more traffic – a study by Optify also shows that the top three results together receive 58.4% of the traffic.

Top Sites Get All the Clicks

This makes the SEO of your website essential.

There are many components that contribute to the SEO of a website – you need to add keywords to the body of the content, to the meta-data and build links. All this might seem complicated and hard to digest quickly. So I have gone through the web and found some helpful infographics that can explain SEO and simplify the process of search engine optimizing your website. Check out all 5 SEO infographics below…

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How to Craft SEO Friendly Blog Posts [Infographic]

How to Craft SEO Friendly Blog Posts

Would you like to craft SEO friendly blog posts?

After finding a clear relationship between social media and SEO, the results of which were published in this infographic (1st part), I decided to delve down and look more deeply into the relationship between SEO and a specific social media – blogs.

I wanted to find out what types of blog posts attract more backlinks and if other social networks played any role in them. So I collected data from blog posts and analysed and compared them against each other to see if there was a relationship. You can find my results in the infographic below.

People interested in creating SEO friendly blog posts that can attract more backlinks will find this infographic helpful…

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How to Perform SEO on Your Website With Social Media [Infographic]


How to Perform SEO on Your Website With Social Media [Infographic]

Would you like to perform SEO on your website with social media?

SEO plays a key role in driving website traffic. In order to search engine optimize your website, you need to make your website content, search engine friendly, and build backlinks that increase your site’s credibility. Optimizing content on your website itself can be a simple step, but building quality backlinks from other websites is a difficult job. You will either need to invest a lot of time building them yourself, or hire an expert to do it.

There has also been a lot of discussion lately about how social media affects SEO, especially because of the recent Google search engine updates where social shares play an important role. This got me wondering if social media plays a role in SEO by helping websites attract backlinks, as well. So I performed a study by collecting data from websites and analysed and compared them against each other to find out if there was a relation. You can find my results in the infographic below.

Businesses, bloggers, marketers, and website owners who are looking for ways to increase traffic to their sites will find this study helpful, as you will learn how to attract more backlinks to your site, while simultaneously working on improving your social media presence.

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6 Content Marketing Infographics You Must Read


Content marketing is essential for a successful social media campaign. Businesses need to create and publish quality content in the form of blog posts, white papers, case studies, ebooks, infographics, etc. They can then share this content across various social networks to help drive engagement, increase website traffic, build trust and then generate sales and leads.

To help you craft content to take advantage of all the benefits mentioned above I have collected a few quality infographics and published them below. You will learn a lot of useful tips ranging from content marketing statistics, what works, what you need to create, how to create it, how to optimize it for SEO, measure ROI etc. from this collection containing 6 content marketing infographics

1. The Anatomy of Content Marketing

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