4 Ways to Get More People to See Your Pins on Pinterest


4 Ways to Get More People to See Your Pins on Pinterest

Would you like more people to see your pins on Pinterest?

Every time you pin something on Pinterest, your aim should be to get as many people as you can to see your pins. This increased exposure will lead to more repins, likes, comments and clicks, which can help increase number of followers, website traffic, sales, etc. So here are four simple methods you could use to get more people to see your pins on Pinterest…

1. Pin at the right time:-

Timing is an important factor on social media. Different social networks have different timings at which more people are active and are more likely to engage with things being shared. This applies to Pinterest too.

Best times to Pin

According to Bit Rebels, the best time to share on Pinterest is between 2PM and 4PM in the afternoon and 8PM to 1AM in the night. Make it a point to place your most important pins at these times. If it is not possible for you to manually share the pins at those times, you could use a scheduling tool to help you.

2. Add Categories to Boards:-

Adding categories to your board can also help increase exposure. I have written about this several times before, like in this post – 12 Common Pinterest Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.

When you add categories, your pins will appear under that category’s stream on Pinterest and people browsing through those categories will be able to see the pins even if they are not following you. This can increase pin exposure by several times. If these people see your pins and engage with them repeatedly through comments, likes and repins, they will then appear in the popular section of Pinterest where they will receive even more exposure.

So if you haven’t yet added categories to your boards make sure you do it right now.

Add Board Categories to Your Boards

You can do this by visiting your boards’ settings page and then adding the most relevant topic in the ‘Category’ field.

3. Contribute to a guest board:-

Contributing to a guest board which has already built a loyal audience can help increase pin exposure too. So make it a point to actively search for popular group boards under your niche and get invited to contribute to them. Once you are on these boards regularly contribute a lot of pins. Don’t just share pins from your own website, but pins from other websites too.

Also make sure you stick to relevant topics (to that board) when sharing pins. If you start sharing pins that don’t belong to that group board, you could end up being blocked and flagged by the board’s creator which might lead to your profile or brand page being suspended. It could also discourage people from following you as when group boards are used the right way, you can get a lot of the board’s followers to follow you.

You could also team up with a business that has already got a popular Pinterest brand page and contribute as the only guest pinner.

Make the Most of Guest Pinning

I have written more about how Automatism teamed up with Etsy and made the most of this, in the post 3 Creative Ways Brands Are Using Pinterest on Social Media Examiner.

4. Space Pins:-

One of the most common mistakes on Pinterest is to share everything at once. You might have noticed this where the user just shares about 10 pins in about 2 minutes and then they don’t pin again for several hours. This can drastically reduce pin exposure.

When you pin so many things at once, it will cause a dilution effect as people will see so many pins and won’t be sure which one to specifically look at. If you want to avoid this – make it a point to spread your pins over an entire day so that they appear every hour or every two hours. This way people will see one pin from your brand page ever hour and that pin will receive maximum number of repins, likes, comments and clicks. There will not be too many pins around which will divert their attention and reduce the exposure.

Again use good software to schedule pins so that they appear at time intervals of one to three hours.

All the above 4 tips will ensure that your pins receive good exposure. Follow all of them while pinning.

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What do you do to get more people to see your pins on Pinterest? Have you got some tips you would like to share with us? Please leave your comments below. 

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