4 Reasons Why Pinterest Has Become Extremely Popular


Do you know why Pinterest has become popular?

Pinterest has been getting really popular recently. In fact it was one of the 10 most used social media in the year 2011. More and more people are starting to use Pinterest to promote their business effectively – it’s not just wedding planners and foodies, like most people think.

So why has Pinterest become so popular? What has it got that makes it so interesting?

Pinterest stands out because it is unique, while the other popular social media sites focus on content and messages, Pinterest focuses on images.

4 reasons why Pinterest has become popular:-

1. The most obvious reason:

Pictures of course, are the most obvious reason. Everywhere you look on Pinterest you see pictures. Content marketing is getting really popular and on sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. you’re bombarded with the latest information from blogs and all other forms of content. This content is helpful, but it all looks the same and they don’t attract your attention the same way beautiful images do.

When you visit Pinterest all you see is beautiful images with a brief description. It’s not just regular images. They are normally unique and beautiful images which are vying for your attention. People share them for a reason. This has been one of the key reasons for its success – its image based, unlike other social media which are content based.

2. Not necessary to have many followers:

When you use facebook, only the people who “like” your page or those who have subscribed to your updates can see your latest content, on twitter it’s your followers, on Linkedin it’s your connections, etc. If you want to be successful with any social media you need develop a huge fan base first before being able to market your content and products. But it’s not the same with Pinterest, as people can look at everything everyone shares on Pinterest.

When you share pictures on Pinterest, you’re not just sharing your content with your followers but everybody else on Pinterest. In Pinterest using the “Everything” option people can look at everything that’s being shared and if they find it interesting they can comment on it, repin it, or like it.

After it has been shared a few times, it will be sent to the popular section on Pinterest where it will attract a lot more interest. This is a unique Pinterest feature which can help new comers who don’t many followers attract a lot of attention to their pictures, content and products. The popular section consists of Pins which have pinned, liked and commented on multiple times.

Having many followers will definitely give you an edge over the rest, but this is a unique feature which can help you sell your product or drive traffic to your blog if you’re new to Pinterest.

3. You don’t have to follow everything:

In Pinterest people place the different content they share on different boards. When you follow somebody you have the option to follow just that one board or all of their boards. For e.g. you meet somebody on Pinterest and you like some of the marketing tips they share on their marketing board, but they also have other boards like food, entertainment, etc. which don’t interest you and you don’t want updates on the content shared there, then you can just follow that one board and leave out the rest. When you do this you will only receive the pins added to that board only, in your stream.

If you like all the boards of that person you can just follow the entire profile.

4. Well organized:

It’s hard to bookmark content you want to read later on your social media profiles, if you share a lot of content on a regular basis. As it gets hard to find this specific content among all your other content – especially on sites like Twitter where it’s not uncommon to tweet more than 10 times a day. But this problems doesn’t occur on Pinterest as the images are well organized and the right content is easy to locate.

In Pinterest, with the help of images all the files are well organized in the Pinboard and it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. All you have to do is look at the images in the board and you will instantly remember which image links to which website. This way you can store all the content you want to read later in the right Pinboard. This is something unique about Pinterest.

All the above 4 features together make Pinterest a really unique social media site, this has been helping it attract millions of visitors and it continues to get better and better.

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What do you think of Pinterest? Is there any other Pinterest feature you find interesting? Why do you think Pinterest is getting so popular? Please leave your comment in the comments box below.

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