3 Tips for Using Pinterest Secret Boards


3 Tips for Using Pinterest Secret Boards

Are you using Pinterest secret boards?

Your entire Pinterest profile is public – which means that anyone surfing the net can check it out – people can see your details, they can browse through your boards and observe all your pins. Only in November was the secret board feature launched which lets you have 3 secret boards. These boards will be visible only to you and other board contributors.

You can learn how to create a secret board by reading this post on making the most of the latest Pinterest updates.

Now that you know how to create secret boards I am going to share some tips on using Pinterest secret boards. Both for personal use and business…

1. To save web pages without alerting others:

Using Pinterest secret boards you can save web pages and articles you would like to read later.

Whenever I come across some important information I would like to read later I like to bookmark it with my browser. But quite often I find it hard to relocate these saved pages as they are among hundreds of other pages I have saved too. But I never have this problem with my Pinterest secret board. On my Pinterest secret board I can pin as many images as I like and effortlessly find them later as the images make them both memorable and easy to locate.

Images in a Pinterest board are so easy to recognize

So if you come across some information you would like to read later which you don’t want anyone else to read, pin it on your secret board and you can revisit it later. You will notice that the images make it very easy for you to relocate the page or post you are searching for. Here’s a list of different things you can save on a secret board.

Another tool good for book marking web pages is Pocket.

2. To share information with a specific group of people: 

You can also use Pinterest secret boards to share pins with only a certain set of people. These could be friends, special customers, important fans, etc. Though secret boards aren’t public you can still invite people to join the board and contribute to it. To invite people visit your secret board’s settings page and type in names of Pinterest users in the field provided and begin inviting them.

Invite users to secret boards

Now the people you invite to this board can also see the pins you add here.

You could invite friends or colleagues to your secret board and plan events with them. You could collect gift ideas together. You could write descriptions about what you think and others could leave comments and let you know what they think.

You could also invite some of your fans and customers to this board and share information about competitions and offers. This will help you build stronger relationships with your most active fans and will help you test the waters as to how effective the offer or the competition would be if it goes public. Secret boards can be used to crowdsource from a specific set of your Pinterest fans. Before you do this set some rules. Let people know if they are allowed to share the images you pin or if they are supposed to keep this a secret.

3. To prepare for a big launch:

You could also use the secret board feature to prepare for a big launch. For e.g. if you were creating a board catalogue of your products, an offers board or a competitions board and you don’t want anybody else to observe the process of you preparing it and to only see it finished and ready, you can initially create a secret board and pin everything you want to pin to the board and make any other changes you would like. After you have done that you can convert it into a public board by switching off the secret board button on the board’s settings page.

Convert Secret Pinterest Board into a Public Board

Now everyone will be able to check out the board and all its pins.

This way you won’t have any confused users wondering what’s going on and it will make the whole operation run a lot smoother.

These are a few ways in which you can use the secret boards feature. So make the most of this feature whenever and wherever you can.

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How are you using the Pinterest secret boards feature? Have I missed out any important points? Please leave your comments in the comments box below.

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  • Kat Ford

    I use my secret boards for pins that I want to pin at a better/busier time and so I can see them together and get an idea how they will look when I repin them. As I do not like duplicate pins and it takes forever checking to see if I have already pinned that, I can check several pins at a time this way. The one thing about first pinning to a secret board is that the person who you pinned from is not listed. To solve this is paste the url of ea pin. Nice article Mitt thank you!

    • Hi Kat!

      That’s a great way to plan out pins. Thank you for sharing this wonderful tip with us. It’s very helpful. You’re welcome.


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  • Kathy Pfeiffer

    Are you still able to use/share secret boards? I can’t invite anyone to my Secret pinterest boards lately!! So frustrating and Pinterest has known of this problem (I’m not the only one experiencing it) for a MONTH now. Not good for business!!!

    • Hi Kathy,

      You can still invite people to contribute to your secret board. Did you contact Pinterest and inform them about the problem you’re facing?


      • Kathy Pfeiffer

        I finally heard back yesterday. The space to invite someone reappeared, but inviting someone still didn’t work. The folks at pinterest said that if someone follows one of my boards or me and I follow one of their boards THEN I can invite them. That does work…but it’s rather awkward to have to ask a client to create a board for me to follow if they are new to Pinterest! Thanks for checking in!

        • Hi Kathy,

          Glad it’s working now. That’s true, you need to follow each other for it to work. Before it was one or the other – either you had to follow them or they had to follow you.

          You’re welcome.


    • michele

      i have a problem using the secret boards too. after finally being able to invite people (after having us follow each other), they show up as members, however they still cannot access the link to my secret board. and they don’t see the secret board on my profile or theirs. anyone else having this issue?

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  • kristina hare

    Hi! I’m wondering what happens with all those pins when you make the board public. Will your followers be bombarded with tons of pins?

    • Hi Kristina,

      I don’t think that will happen as your pins appear in the feed depending on the time at which they were pinned. So if you pinned something weeks ago it won’t appear in the latest feed of your followers when you make it a public board. All your recent pins might appear in the news feed. It all depends upon how many people your followers follow.


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  • Si

    I can’t share secret boards with my partner, she can however invite me, when I try to add her through username and/or email address , it says no results found, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks all,

    Kind regards


  • Salt

    I’ve got to ask, if you write your own description and post it on your private board, can others still see the comment?