• Rienie

    I found this very interesting, informative and great as guidance to videos, a new medium I am breaking into at the moment. Very relevant. Thank you, much appreciated.

    • Thank you for your comment Rienie!

      You’re welcome.


  • Nice infographic Mitt!

  • Video!

    I do love video…consume a lot of it per day (along with normal text, but video, for some reason, is different. It feels different).

    I haven’t done many videos, and most of the ones I created are screen casts, so not much experience in video blogging…But, I am certainly planning to do so 😀 (I have made my first face to face video, for my about page, and it was received well…so I am happy to continue my efforts).

    Plus, I am relaunching my old podcasting channel, so it’s certainly excited!

    Hopefully it will go well 😀 Thank you for sharing this, Mitt!

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  • guptaabhijit318

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