16 Tools to Help You Manage an Impeccable Social Presence [Infographic]


Manage Your Social Presence With These 16 Tools

Are you using the right tools to manage your social presence?

If you look around you will find hundreds and hundreds of social media apps and tools that can help you manage your social presence. Many more are added each day. A few of these can help you do something you couldn’t do yesterday and in the process manage your social presence better.

Out of all these tools a handful standout with their features, service and overall usefulness. If you would like to find out the best tools to manage your social presence right now then you have to read the infographic below. This helpful infographic from Socially Stacked also contains the different subscription plans these social media management tools offer…

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50 Tantalising Facebook Cover Photos


What’s your favourite Facebook cover photo?

The recent changes to Facebook pages came as a surprise as they got rid of landing pages and replaced them with cover photos. Many people were a little disappointed with this, as their visitors got directly sent to the facebook pages where the wall can be seen instantly, instead of being sent to landing pages which have proven to be effective in getting more “likes.”

There is also the rule that you cannot add any promotional messages to these photos which has disappointed others. Some people have liked these changes though as it provides a new challenge and gives them the opportunity to experiment with new techniques.

Many businesses have been designing cover photos specifically for their pages while some of them have been creatively using photos they have taken. Here are 50 facebook cover photos that make great examples:-

1. Ford Motor Company

Very creative picture with a lot of people! It must have needed a lot of planning and lot of hard work.

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Create a Facebook Landing Page Using iFrames in 7 Easy Steps



A facebook landing page is the basic requirement for every facebook page. There are many benefits of having a facebook page. The main benefits of having a facebook page have been listed on this post.

It might look like it’s really complicated to set up a facebook landing page, but it’s actually quite easy. It might be a little harder to create everything from scratch, but there are some readily available facebook applications which can help you set up your page quickly using iFrames. All you need is basic designing skills. These applications make it extremely simple to setup a facebook landing page after you set up your basic facebook page.

Below you will find step by step instructions to help you create a facebook landing page using iFrames:-

I haven’t set up the landing page for my new company Social Marketing Writing yet, so I will go with the step by step process of setting up my facebook landing page along with you.  Let’s create the pages together.

1. The first thing you want to do is create an image. The image is your facebook fan page. The maximum height of a facebook fan page is 764 pixels and the width 490 pixels when you use iFrames. Using an image editor like Adobe Photoshop or something simple like Microsoft Paint create your page’s image.

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