4 Ways to Boost Blog Traffic on the Weekend


4 Ways to Boost Blog Traffic on the Weekend

How does your blog perform on the weekend? Would you like to boost blog traffic on the weekend?

Most blogs will usually see a dip in traffic over the weekend. This is probably because there are fewer people online and at work. Here’s a discussion on Quora on blog traffic over the weekends with lots of graphs and examples. As you can see, this is a common problem. But it can be solved by attracting more visitors by taking some simple steps. Here’s how you can increase blog traffic on the weekend…

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62 Ways to Promote Yourself on Pinterest

62 Ways to Promote Yourself on Pinterest

Would you like to promote yourself on Pinterest?

Pinterest’s new look along with the new tools gives marketers and businesses another reason to continue using the wonderful social network. The ability to use images along with the high levels of virality, gives businesses the opportunity to create countless ways to promote themselves – so here are 62 ways to promote yourself on Pinterest – make use of all of them and use them as inspiration to create new ones…

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3 Infographics on How to Get Social Timing Right [Study]


3 Infographics on How to Get Social Timing Right Study

Would you like to get social timing right?

It’s a busy world out there. People are only free at certain times of the day. They check their email, read and share content at these times. It’s important for you to know what these key times are in order to help your content receive maximum exposure. You need to determine the best time to publish your posts, email your newsletters/blog updates and the best time to share them on various social networks in order to reach your audience.

So take a look at all the three infographics (of this three part series) from Kissmetrics below which are filled with helpful data that can help you get social timing right…

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10 Brands Flourishing With Content Marketing


Which brands are flourishing with content marketing?

Content marketing has become immensely popular over the past few years. It’s not only been small businesses that have adapted and taken advantage of it, but big brands too. As with everything, some of these campaigns have failed while some have succeeded. I have listed out 10 brands that have successfully implemented content marketing and explained what they have done right that has helped them flourish…

1. Radian6:

10 Brands Flourishing With Content Marketing


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5 Fantastic Infographics to Help You Thrive on Twitter


Would you like to thrive on Twitter?

In order to thrive on Twitter you need the perfect profile, you need to write the perfect tweets and you need to know how to network. These factors can help you get more followers, retweets, replies and can increase the click through rate of your tweets, when you share links. This can be highly influential in engaging your audience, generating website traffic and sales.

Achieving these results might seem hard and time consuming. But by using the right techniques, these tasks can be simplified. I have shared five infographics below which contain several tips on getting more followers, more retweets and more clicks on your tweets…

#1. 5 Scientifically Proven Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

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6 Ways Businesses Can Make the Most of the Latest Pinterest Updates

6 Ways to Make the Most of the Latest Pinterest Updates

Are you making the most of the latest Pinterest updates?

Pinterest recently launched business accounts. You can now either convert your personal profile into a business account or you can create a new business account. This is Pinterest giving businesses the long-awaited green light for using Pinterest for business and not just non-commercial purposes. And this is not the only update they have made – they have also made several other updates and launched new tools. I will now discuss how to use each of the latest Pinterest updates effectively to promote your business:-

1. Convert your account:-

The terms of service for profiles state that you can use Pinterest for non-commercial purposes. The new terms of service for Pinterest business pages allow you to use Pinterest commercially. Therefore, if you want to directly promote your products and/or services on Pinterest, it’s absolutely necessary to convert your profile into a business page. This can be done by visiting this page and clicking on the big red “Convert your existing account” button.

Once you have done the above, you will be asked to fill in a few other details, to accept the new terms of service, and then your profile will be converted into a business account.

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Keep A Blog

This is a guest post by Natalie Hamlin of Increase Visibility.

What if those mere minutes could be the key to connecting your business with an intently-listening audience?

Working in the digital-media sphere, any Internet guru can tell you that content is the key to gaining listeners, and there are a ton of businesses that haven’t gotten the memo yet. For all you companies that have a dedicated blogger on your team, here’s an imaginary gold star. For companies that haven’t yet jumped on the blogging bandwagon, listen to these five reasons why your business should keep a blog:-

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6 Secrets to Successfully Using Pinterest [Infographic]


Are you successfully using Pinterest? Would you like to learn the 6 secrets to using Pinterest effectively?

A recent study by ComScore shows that Pinterest is one of the top 50 most visited sites in the U.S. with over 25 million unique visitors in September alone. The network’s amazing growth continues.

So if you would like to take advantage of this amazing growth and watch your business grow along with Pinterest then check out the Infographic by Hubze below. Here you will find some great tips on how to not only use Pinterest effectively, but to also optimize your site and blog so that your images are frequently shared on the social network by your website’s visitors.

Infographic Credit: Hubze

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What do you think of the above Infographic on successfully using Pinterest? Have you got any other secrets you would like to share with us? Please leave your comments in the comments box below. 

How to and How Not-to Promote Your Business on Pinterest [Infographic]


Do you use Pinterest for business? Are you following the right methods and avoiding the ineffective ones?

Many other sites like Myspace and StumbleUpon have been so captivated by Pinterest’s success that they have redesigned their sites to look like it.

Following effective methods will help you promote your business by generating traffic, engaging your audience and increasing sales. But avoiding ineffective methods will take it to the next level, as this will help you attract more followers, retain the existing ones and keep them attentive. As they will look forward to the content and images you share.

So take a look at the below infographic by clicklabs to learn how to and how not-to promote your business on Pinterest…

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10 Rules for Successfully Using Pinterest for Business [Infographic]

Are you using Pinterest for business?

Pinterest has been growing at an amazing rate. Many businesses have been successfully using it  to generate sales, engage their audience and generate traffic. Pinterest’s growth has been so great that it’s soon expected surpass Yahoo and become the fourth largest traffic source in the world.

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