• Loved this post Mitt. Very helpful. I will be checking out several of those and I already downloaded Twilight to amy smartphone.

    • Thank you Monica! Twilight’s a great app. I have got it on my phone.

  • Great selection really. We are using the most of the tools from the list like LastPass, Trello, Evernote, and etc. And for sure we will check out other tools from list.

    • Thank you Theluvo! Hope you find some of the new tools useful.

      • Yeah, we checked out few new from the list.

  • wow awesome collections, I am using evernote, dropbox, flipboard and pocket. I just heared about the remaining tools, also my brother told me about trello his entire office using that, will check and let u know about the remaining tools

  • Thank you for sharing this great information. In this post give some important tools for social media marketing and for that here give good explanation in detail that helpful and useful .

  • Sharon Thomson

    Great list. ProofHub is another great management tool for productivity. A great communication and collaboration for managing your teams, time and tasks. Should be on the list. I’d recommend you to give it a try.

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