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  • Don’t agree with Step 3. Whoever wrote this article knows very little about using StumbleUpon. One of the first rules of StumbleUpon is don’t stumble your own content. That’s a surefire way not to increase your website traffic.

    • Lions Ground Tube

      Hello i don’t agree with you, that’s the definition of being on Stumbledupon/Social Network. To share Content, your own content included.

      I only promote others those who promote me.

      • @lionsgroundtube:disqus I agree with you about promoting other peoples content, but what you don’t want to do is stumble your own content i.e. self-promote.

        Sure, it’s ok to do it from time-to-time, but if all you are doing is promoting your own content and not promoting someone else’s content, it’s a turn-off to users. Ideally, you want to promote others more than you promote yourself.

        • Lions Ground Tube

          One thing is for sure, you have to be interactive. When someone adds you, add them back. When someone share i keep my eye on their content too.

          However in big lines i am promoting my own content only, this is about content people like. Let’s go back to StumbleUpon, they want content. I am not a spammer but i am a source.

          Analytics Top 5 Traffic Sources
          1. StumbleUpon
          2. Google
          3. Youtube
          4. Facebook
          5. Twitter

          So if i would listen to you i would have a gap of 6K per month.

    • Lions Ground Tube

      However our disagreement, i love your site and i learn things from you. So let me subscribe to your newsletter! Maybe you are interested doing a collab. Can you mail me at thelionsground@gmail.com ?

      • Lions Ground Tube


  • Nikhil

    Great tips to drive traffic from stumble upon. It is best source to drive traffic to your website……… 🙂

  • Leslie Scott

    Good tips to manage the marketing using stumbleupon. This post is quite helpful for me in growing the business through out and drive the online traffic. Thanks for the wonderful share.

  • So the more you stumble, the more traffic you get?

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  • SocialNMP dot com is for Social Network Marketing Pro’s. SocialNMP dot com is the first ever social bookmarking site for network marketing!

  • so its mean more I stumble , more i can get traffice, am i right

    breaking news.

  • These are very good tips to drive traffic to my website, i will surely follow them and share my results with everyone

  • Great article, thank you for the tips!

  • Very helpful post… But my problem is sometimes I am getting more traffic from stumbleupon some very low.. What to do to get constant traffic?

    I am also sharing post with my friends..

  • Great tips and very helpful. I think that it’s good to utilize as many social plate form as possible for maximum exposure.

  • Great Insight.. but most significant factor should be the quality and the value of the content.

    World of Smartphones is all about the latest smartphones with reviews, features, design, technology and get updated inside news buzz about smartphones.

  • Good Article great tips on how to take advantage of the power of this social media giant.

  • With 2015 right around the corner, for me it means new goals, new challenges, new opportunities and new milestones await. I can say that all of this is ain’t not hard, when the times that i read your blog about your journey being a online achievers which includes your achievements and how you handle a hectic situation, its inspire me a lot.

    Here are my few tips and tricks to Increase Traffic To Blog:


  • Thanks very helpful, i think social media is an important factor right now

  • Love it! Using it on a daily basis is definitely key with StumbleUpon. I like to apply a 20/1 rule. Stumble upon 20 posts before sharing one of my own.
    Good thing about their mobile app also is that you can use it in short bursts and kill the down times!

    I just published a blog post on StumbleUpon as well and would be curious to hear your thoughts 🙂

    Cheers from NYC!

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