How to Build a Credible Blog [Infographic]


[Infographic] How to Build a Credible Blog

Would you like to learn how to build a credible blog?  Would you like people to return to your blog again and again?

A great way to build credibility online is by blogging. Blogging helps people and businesses reach their audience and display their expertise and skills. But credibility isn’t something that can be attained instantly. As with everything, certain factors play a key role in making a blog trustworthy.

I wanted to find out what these factors are. So I conducted a survey in which bloggers, marketers and business owners took part and provided answers on the roles played by content, social media, RSS, comments, etc. in building credible blogs. I displayed the results graphically in an infographic. Check them out below and use the results to build a credible blog…

How to Build a Credible Blog

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Did this infographic teach you how to build a credible blog? Would you like to share any tips on building credible blogs? Please leave your comments below. 

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