28 Ways to Get More Followers on Pinterest [Infographic]

How to Get More Followers on Pinterest

Do you want to learn how to get more followers on Pinterest? Do you want to boost your Pinterest presence?

Pinterest recently hit 150 million users. It has gained 50 million users in just over a year. More new users joining a social network can be both good and bad because it doesn’t just mean an increase in exposure, but also an increase in competition.

You must have actually noticed a decrease in engagement in recent times. You are probably getting fewer repins, clicks, traffic and sales than before.

More new competitors is just one of the reasons. Other factors like Promoted pins and Pinterest’s smart feed algorithm are contributing to this. Yes there’s a Pinterest feed algorithm now. You don’t always see the newest pins first, like you did in the past.

Therefore if you want to increase engagement, you need to get your pins in front of more people instantly. The best way to do this is by getting more Pinterest followers.

You should take steps to get more Pinterest followers NOW and gain a headstart before more competitors join the network and make it harder for you to standout.

Hence, I am going to cover how to get more followers on Pinterest in this infographic and then follow it with a blog post that explains the tips in way more detail.

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Double Your Pinterest Followers Challenge Free Course

Here’s the infographic on how to get more followers on Pinterest, followed by the blog post…

28 Ways to Get More Followers on Pinterest [Infographic]

If you are looking for some quick ways to get more Pinterest followers, then you should sign up for my FREE COURSE Double Your Pinterest Followers Challenge. In this challenge I will email you my top tips. CLICK HERE to Sign Up.

Those who sign up will also get a PDF version of this post and a checklist that will ensure you get the most out all the tips. This post is over 6,000 words long. You can conveniently read the PDF version and the checklist later.

Double Your Pinterest Followers Challenge Free Course

Make a good first impression

Getting followers on Pinterest is a lot like making friends or gaining customers in real life. People are going to only follow you or work with you if they like you. So you need to make a good first impression with your Pinterest page. In real life you make a first impression by dressing up neatly and having a pleasant conversation.

On Pinterest dressing up neatly translates to how good your profile looks and the pleasant conversation is what you write on it. You must get this right, before you take any other step towards getting more Pinterest followers.

#1 Set up an effective page:

EyeTrackShop monitored the eye movements of 600 participants with webcams at 10 second intervals as they viewed Pinterest pages. The results can be viewed in the below heatmap.


The profile might look odd to some of you as it is the old Pinterest page design. But you still gain a lot of insights. As you can see most of the attention is being given to the profile image, business name, bio/’about you’ and the boards. The board and the cover image on the left seem to be getting the highest amount of attention.

Based on this here are some quick tips on how to set up an effective Pinterest page…

Use an easy to recognise profile image:

People seem to be giving the profile image a quick glance. Therefore, you should simplify this task by using something that is easy to recognise like a logo or a headshot. Use the same logo you use on your website and other social networks.

Add your business name, bio, location and website address:

From the above heatmap the details next to the profile image seem to be getting more attention than the profile image itself. These details include the business name, bio, location and website address. Make sure you add this information clearly.

For the business name just add in the your business name. In the bio/’about you’ section write a bit about your business and what you pin. Let them know it is worth following you. Also make sure you add your location and website address.

Remember, what you write on your Pinterest page is the conversations you have.

Set up your boards properly:

As you can see in the above heat map a lot of attention is going towards the boards. So make sure they are set up properly too. Place your most popular boards in the top row. Then give them attractive names and cover images. Also add good descriptions and relevant categories.

If your Pinterest page makes a good first impression you will get more followers on Pinterest.

For a more detailed guide on setting up a good Pinterest page check out this post.

john lewis has a well set up Pinterest pageAn example of a business with a well set up Pinterest page is John Lewis. They have kept it simple with their logo and business name which is great. They also have a nicely written bio and some good boards at the top.

#2 Make one board your focal point:

Not all boards are equal. For most Pinterest pages, one board will have several more followers than the rest. Take a look at L.L. Bean for example.

LL Bean has more Pinterest board followers

The first 2 boards Woodland Creatures and Camping have way more followers than the rest. Woodland Creatures has 4.2 million followers while Camping has 1.2 million followers. And the rest of the boards have around 100,000 followers each.

Browse through the pages of your favourite brands and you will see a similar trend. One or a few boards will have more followers than the rest.

This happens because people have the option to follow one or more boards instead of the entire page. Many people will follow one board only because they usually have interest in one topic.

Let’s take a company that sells protein shakes as an example. If they were on Pinterest, they would have boards on topics like exercises, healthy recipes, and clothing. But not everybody will be interested in subscribing to pins on all the topics like healthy eating and dressing well. They might only like exercising so they will follow the board on exercising alone.

This way one board ends up attracting more Pinterest followers than the rest.

So go through your Pinterest page and find that one board. It should not only be popular, but also be relevant to your brand. Make it your focal point, just like L.L. Bean. Then work on ways to attract more followers to it.

woodland creatures has the most followersL.L. Bean made Woodland Creatures their focal point by placing it in the 1st position in the first row. They also gave it a good cover image. It’s a couple of little fox kits. Look how cute they are. It makes me want to click on the board and learn more.

They also give the board the most attention by pinning more images onto it. It has 210 pins (as of writing this), more than any other board on that page. More pins will lead to more exposure for the board and this will help it get more Pinterest followers.

They can even use this board to build trust and get people to follow them fully later. As the number of followers are totalled and displayed on the main page (5 million followers) it gives L.L Bean social proof and gets them even more complete Pinterest page followers.

Woodland Creatures also perfectly represents the L.L Bean brand as they make outdoor gear. Most people who like the outdoors, love animals too.

Pin more to get more Followers on Pinterest

As I just mentioned, when you pin more, more people see your images. This results in more impressions and repins. This in turn will lead to a larger number of users checking out your Pinterest page. And if it is well set up you will get more followers on Pinterest. Here are my top tips on how to pin images that get you more engagement, and result in followers.

#3 Pin from the source:

Did you know that 80% of the pins on Pinterest are repins?

80 Percent of the Pins are Repins

This means that only 20% of pins on Pinterest are original pins which have been uploaded directly onto Pinterest or pinned from a website. These pins are being repinned again and again.

Therefore, if you want to get more repins you need to pin more original images instead of repinning all the time. The next time you come across an interesting pin on Pinterest, you should visit the source and pin the image instead of simply clicking on the save/repin button.

I have found that this works on Facebook too. When I share a link or image directly on my page instead of resharing it from another, the post ends up getting more engagement.

#4 Pin tall images:

Turns out that just like in real life height matters on Pinterest too. As portrait shaped/tall images get repinned a lot. A study by Curalate found that images with an aspect ratio between 2:3 and 4:5 get 60% more repins than very tall images.

pin images with aspect ratio of 2:3

Even Pinterest recommends people to pin images that have the aspect ratio of 2:3. They told Buzzfeed Life about this and even mentioned it in their guide on making great pins. They actually recommend the size 600 X 900 pixels.

The next time you are about to pin something, find a tall image that is of this ratio or is at least close to it. If there are no tall images you should create one.

#5 Pin at regular intervals:

Ahaology found that their clients see the best results when they pin 15 to 30 times a day. I recently watched a video from the Tailwind team where they mentioned that their average user pins 28 times a day. This is what I mean by pinning a lot. But don’t try to pin them all at once. Spread them over the entire day. If you pin one every hour you will be pinning 24 a day.

When you spread your pins you won’t be clouding your Pinterest followers feeds with too many pins. Also different people use Pinterest at different times of the day, therefore a bigger range of people will see your pins and this will result in more Pinterest followers.

#6 Pin at the best times:

Like on all social media, timing matters on Pinterest too. The time at which you pin your image, will determine the amount of engagement it gets.

If you are new to Pinterest, the best days for you to pin are Monday and Saturday. As a study by Buffer, where they analysed over 1.5 million pins, found that pins published on these days get the most likes…

pin on Monday and Saturday for more likes

…and the most repins

Pinterest pins on monday and saturday get more repinsThe best times to pin on Pinterest are between 2PM to 4PM and 8PM to 1AM.

Best Time to Pin on Pinterest

But if you have already been using Pinterest for awhile I recommend you to use Viraltag or Tailwind to find your best times to pin. These tools will analyse your activity and find these times for you.

Viraltag finds the best time to pin based on your traffic and Tailwind does this based on engagement. Choose the one that suits your business goals perfectly. You will see way better results when you pin when your Pinterest followers are active.

#7 Pin popular pins:

Have you noticed the recent change on the pins on Pinterest?

Pinterest now displays the number of pins the image has gotten since the beginning of time instead of just the number of pins that pin alone got, like in the past.

pinterest now shows the total number of repins

For e.g. I recently pinned this infographic. As you can see in the above screenshot, it shows that it has been repinned 2,300 times.

That is the total number of repins and pins the image has gotten from that webpage. But this is not what I want to know. I want to find out how my pin alone did. The only way I can do this is by visiting Viraltag and checking out the results.

Viraltag shows only your pins

As you can see now, the pin that I pinned got repinned 16 times.

I dislike this update because I can only see how many times my pin alone has been pinned if I visit my Pinterest management tool. I also can’t analyse the basic stats of my competitors pins just by observing them on Pinterest.

But there’s one big benefit you can take advantage of and that is social proof. When your Pinterest followers see that a pin, like the above one, has been repinned thousands of times, it gives it credibility and many people will be inclined to instantly repin it.

This form of social proof can get you a ton of engagement. So make it a habit to pin a lot of images that have already received hundreds and thousands of repins.

#8 Don’t forget to repin and like:

I know I mentioned that you should pin as many original images as you can because they get the most repins, but this doesn’t mean that all the images you pin should be original pins. Some of these can be repins, as repins help you build relationships. When you repin someone’s pin, you begin a relationship with them and they will return the favour by repinning your pins in the future or following you back on Pinterest.

If you keep repinning strategically you should be able to attract a good number of Pinterest followers.

Liking others pins can help too.

#9 Brand your images:

Some of the images you create for your pins and for your website will be downloaded and uploaded onto Pinterest manually or onto another website from where they will be pinned.

When this happens people won’t know that you created the image when they see it on Pinterest as the image won’t lead to your website. You can make sure that this doesn’t happen by branding your images with your logo, business name or website URL.

When people see this image on Pinterest they will know that you created it. They will search your name using Pinterest search or a search engine and find you. This will get you some traffic. You can ensure that these people convert to followers by optimizing your website for Pinterest follower conversion. I will show you how to do this in a bit.

These people who visit your website after finding out about you through Pinterest, will be highly likely to follow you as they are already logged in to Pinterest.

brand your pinterest images

A good example is the above image. Holly Homer did a great job by branding the image with her website URL ‘HollyHomer.com. Even if the blog post is republished along with the image on a different website, you will always know who created it and you can just visit the website by typing the URL.

This way you should brand your images with your business name, logo or website URL like Holly Homer.

#10 Write pin descriptions around 200 characters long

Dan Zarrella analysed more than 11,000 pins and found that pins with descriptions around 200 characters long get the most repins.

Write Good Pin Descriptions

These 200 characters can describe the image that is being pinned or the page it will lead to.

#11 Include keywords in pin descriptions:

When you search something on Pinterest you will find 2 common factors among almost all the pins that show up in the top results. These are that they have already been repinned several times and they have the keywords you searched for in the description.

Take a look at the below search for example.

most searched pins get more repins and Pinterest followers

I searched ‘moussaka recipe’. As you can see in the results, most of the pins have been repinned several times and have the words ‘moussaka recipe’ in the description.

These pins go onto get even more repins as they are appearing at the top. This will get the pinners more followers.

If you want to take advantage of this too, you need to make sure you add keywords to your pins. But you need to weave them in cleverly within the recommended 200 characters. Don’t try to overstuff with keywords.

For best results target longer keywords using the suggestions from Pinterest. They will have fewer competitors. For my search, Pinterest has suggested some keywords like beef, healthy, easy, etc.

I could use them and write a description like ‘easy healthy greek moussaka recipe’.

#12 Include a call to action in the description:

According to Ripen Commerce, a call to action pin description increases engagement by 80%.

Call to action can increase engagement

This is why you should end your pin description with a call to action. As you are looking for more followers, you can use a call to action like ‘Follow us on Pinterest to see more pins like this’. If you want repins, ask for repins instead.

please retweet gets more retweets

You can actually try using the word ‘Please’ in front of the call to action as Hubspot found that this leads to 4x more retweets on Twitter. It could have the same effect on Pinterest followers.

Group boards attract Pinterest followers

Group boards are a wonderful feature on Pinterest. They can get you repins, traffic and followers very quickly. Here’s how you can use them to get more Pinterest followers.

#13 Contribute to popular group boards

Group boards are boards where multiple people contribute to one board. The creator of the board can make any of their boards into a group board by inviting people over to contribute. They do the hard work of gaining Pinterest followers and then invite people to contribute. Even the other board contributors can invite people to contribute.

It’s a mutually beneficial relationship as the board owner’s board gets lots of content pinned to it and the contributor benefits from massive amounts of exposure, especially if the board has a lot of followers.

This exposure can help the contributors gain more followers as both the followers of the board and other contributors will follow them.

group boards can get you more Pinterest followers

An example is the Family Travel Pinterest board. It has over 548,000 Pinterest followers. If you are in the travel business, you would want to be on it as it will get you highly relevant repins, followers and traffic.

So go now and join some good group boards and begin contributing to them. A tool that can help you find group boards quickly is Pingroupie. You can learn how to use Pingroupie and convince people to invite you to their boards by reading this post.

#14 Create your own group boards

As I just mentioned group boards are a mutually beneficial relationship. The creator of the board gets a continuous stream of pins added to their board. If they add pins at the same frequency, all by themselves, to their boards it could take up a lot of time. The addition of more quality pins will lead to more repins, thereby getting the board even more exposure and Pinterest followers.

invite collaborators to your group boards

So create one or more group boards by inviting people to join them. You should find the invite collaborators option in your board settings. But beware that you will still need to spend time managing it as some people will try to spam it. Here is a really good guide that can help you manage your group board.

Go beyond pinning

There are several management activities, other than pinning, you can do directly on Pinterest that can get you more followers. I have shared the most effective ones below.

#15 Follow others

When you follow people on Pinterest some of them will follow you back. You can continue following the ones who follow you back and unfollow the ones who don’t. So make it habit to follow 50+ people a day and every 3 to 7 days check back to see who has followed you. Then unfollow the ones who don’t.

Are you wondering who to follow on Pinterest? Who will most likely follow you back on Pinterest?

The answer is the people following your competitors and people who share pins similar to yours. These people will be interested in your pins too so they will be more likely to follow you back.

For best results follow people who have an equal Pinterest following to followers ratio. A person who is following 100 people and has 100 people following them back will be more likely to follow you than someone who is following 1 person and has 100 people following them.

Also follow people who repin and like your pins. If they have repinned your pins it shows that they like what you share. You should respond back by following them. Hopefully they will do the same. You can follow people who tag you in their pins too.

#16 Comment

Commenting on popular pins can help too.

The Half Life of a Pin is 3.5 Months

The half life of a Pinterest pin is 3.5 months. This means that it takes 3.5 months for a pin to get only 50% of its engagement. Some pins go onto get engagement for years. Pins I have pinned years ago still get repinned frequently.

If you leave a comment on a popular pin, it will be very likely that a lot of people will go on to see it for years to come. So find latest pins that have been repinned a lot of times and leave meaningful comments on them. Long comments standout from the short ones which are only 1 or 2 lines long.

Get Pinterest followers using popular section

You can easily find pins that have been repinned several times by visiting the Popular section on Pinterest. For best results only comment on pins that are most relevant to your business.

You can also comment on pins that appear at the top of Pinterest search results.

Some of these comments will get the pinner of the pin you commented on to follow you too.

#17 Tag others

When you tag people (i.e. mention their handle on Pinterest), Pinterest will notify them that they have been mentioned. They will then checkout your pin. If they like what they see they will follow you. So when you pin an image from another website, you should tag their Pinterest page and write a comment praising their work.

#18 Invite others

On your Pinterest ‘Settings’ page there is the option to connect the social networks Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

connect pinterest social networks

You can also connect your Gmail, Microsoft and Yahoo accounts.

Make sure you connect them if you have accounts on these websites as you can then invite the contacts and friends you have on these sites to follow you on Pinterest. As you already know them, a lot of them will follow you.

This is one of the easiest ways to gain Pinterest followers quickly.

Cross promote to gain Pinterest followers

Cross promoting your Pinterest page on your other social networks and website can be effective, especially if you have a high number of followers or visitors respectively.

#19 Add Pinterest URL to other networks

Adding your Pinterest page URL to your other social networks can help you gain followers who are already following you on these social networks. If they like your content on these social networks, they will want to see more of the same on Pinterest.

You can do this by just adding the URL in your social network bios.

innocent drinks facebook pinterest tab followers

You can also add a Pinterest tab to Facebook like innocent drinks.

Pinterest page on Facebook

People can visit this tab and see your boards and pins on Facebook itself. If they click the pins they will be directed to the original pins on Pinterest.

A tool that can help you add this tab for free on Facebook is Woobox.

Another technique that works is including your Pinterest page URL in your updates on other social networks. You can add a message like ‘Follow us on Pinterest to see more posts like this’ and add the Pinterest URL right after.

#20 Add follow buttons to your website

You can also add your Pinterest URL to your blog. You can insert it in a Pinterest icon. Some of your website visitors will convert to followers by visiting your page with this URL. The traffic to follower conversion rate will be a lot higher if you are getting a lot of traffic from Pinterest. This is because these people will already be logged in to Pinterest.

Some good places to add the button are the header and footer. If your blog has a sidebar, you can add it there too.

add pinterest follow button to your website

The above screenshot is a follow button on the header of the Barkpost website. They also have one on their footer.

add pinterest widgets and follow buttons to your websiteYou can actually use Pinterest’s Widget Builder to create your Pinterest follow button. You just have to add your Pinterest page URL and name and the button will be created. Then copy and paste the code on your website for the button to appear.

If you want to display something more prominent than the follow button you can create board and profile widgets using the options next to the follow and pin widgets. I have pointed arrows at them in the above screenshot.

Again, just add your page URL and choose the shape and the widget code will be created. Add this to your website and the board will be displayed.

These widgets will display the latest pins from your page. People can browse through the pins, click them and check them out on Pinterest. They can click on the ‘Follow on Pinterest’ button on the widget to follow you.

Pinterest Profile Follow Widget Social Marketing Writing

I use the profile widget on my blog sidebar as it is more prominent and gets me more followers.

You can also try using the follow slider. This is when a slider appears from the bottom of your screen asking people to follow you on Pinterest. This movement attracts a lot of attention. Hence, it usually results in a lot of followers.

A tool that can help you create this is Sumome.

Just visit the above link and sign up. Then add the code or plugin to your website.

sumome scroll box pinterest follow

After that login to the dashboard on your website and click on ‘Scroll Box’.

create Pinterest follow slider with sumome

Then visit the ‘Design’ tab and choose ‘Pinterest Follow Button’ as the ‘Box Mode’.

Then add your Pinterest username and customize the slider by adding a headline and description and save your settings. After that visit the other tabs and choose when you would like the slider to appear. And then turn it on.

slider pinterest follow sumome

This will get you follows. If you get a ‘PRO’ sumome account, you will be able to create various versions of the slider and split-test them.

Run contests and offers

Contests and offers are extremely effective in helping you achieve your Pinterest marketing objectives, whether it is traffic or sales or followers.

#21 Run a contest with the objective to gain Pinterest followers

You can make it compulsory for people to follow you on Pinterest to take part in a contest. This can get you a ton of followers quickly. If you also ask people to repin some of your pins this will lead to engagement and get you even more followers.

Brooks Running gained 3,500 Pinterest followers with contests

Brooks Running was able to gain 3,500 Pinterest followers by running a Pinterest contest. And they didn’t even ask people to follow them to take part in the contest. If they did, they would have gained so many more. But their main aim must have been to increase engagement and traffic as their referral traffic went up by 88%.

So make it a habit to run contests on a regular basis.

#22 Run Pinterest exclusive offers

If you run offers that are exclusive to Pinterest it will definitely result in more followers. By exclusive I mean that you don’t promote them anywhere else other than Pinterest or that people need to perform some activity on Pinterest to get the offer. This means that people can only know about it if they follow you on Pinterest.

This exclusivity can get you a massive number of followers.

gilt pin it to unlock it pinterest offer

An example is the Pin It to Unlock! offer from Gilt Baby & Kids. As you can see in the above screenshot, they shared an image containing a kid size dress. On the same image they mentioned that if the image got 50 repins they would give a 77% discount.

As you can see in the description the image got the 50 repins and they shared a link to the product page with the discount. They also mentioned that the quantities were limited. This will spur people to follow them as they will want to not only repin the image, but also take advantage of future offers before they go away.

This was a hidden sale which was exclusive to Pinterest users.

Use your Pinterest analytics

Your Pinterest analytics has a massive depth of useful information. You can use it to get plenty of followers.

#23 Figure out what your best pins are

As mentioned earlier, more engagement leads to more Pinterest followers. You can use your analytics to figure out what your most popular pins are and then pin similar images.

Here’s how you can do this…


Visit your Pinterest analytics page by hovering over ‘Analytics’ in the top left corner of your Pinterest page and then clicking on ‘Profile’.


Scroll down on your Profile analytics page until you reach the ‘Top Pin impressions’ part. Under this you will see your best performing pins. Go through each of these pins and study them. Study everything from the design to the content placed on them.

study more pins analytics

Then repeat the procedure by visiting the ‘Repins’ and ‘All-time’ tabs. Also check which boards are providing the highest amounts of engagement.

Now that you know which pins and boards are getting you the highest engagement you can begin pinning similar images to your most popular boards.

This will result in high levels of engagement and Pinterest followers.

#24 Reach out to people who pinned from your website

If you visit the webpage http://pinterest.com/source/domainname.com/ where you replace ‘domainname’ with the name of your domain, you will be able to see the pins that are being pinned from your website.

the pins being pinned from your website

You can use this Pinterest analytics feature to see the pinners who have pinned from your website over the past few days and then follow them. Also leave a comment on the pin and tag them.

These people have pinned from your website, which means they like your content and when you leave a comment and follow them they will be highly likely to follow you back.

pinterest people you reach interests

If you want to find people who pin very regularly from your website you should visit the ‘People you reach’ section of your analytics and then go to the ‘Interests’ tab.

If you scroll down a bit you will see the ‘Boards with lots of your pins’. Check out what these boards are and who owns them. These people clearly like you or your company. They are probably already following you. If they aren’t you should take steps to get them to.

In your Pinterest analytics dashboard there’s also a ‘Website’ section where you can see the top performing pins from your website. Check out these pins, find out who pinned them and thank and follow the pinners and wait for them to follow you back.

Also check out the group boards that are providing the highest levels of engagement for pins from your website. Contact the contributors or the owners of the boards and get invited to join them.

Don’t just rely on organic methods

You can go beyond organic methods to get lots of Pinterest followers even more quickly. Here are a couple you can try.

#25 Promoted pins

If you want to quickly and easily get a lot of followers on Pinterest, you should give promoted pins a go. If you choose the right options and get your pins in front of the right audience you will gain followers.


For followers you should always implement either ‘Engagement’ or ‘Awareness’ ads. The engagement ads focus on the number of repins and likes your pins get and the awareness ads focus on impressions. Both of these will result in more followers than the traffic ads.

Also make sure you use the targeting settings to reach the right people.

#26 Organise influencer campaigns

Just like on Instagram, you can conduct influencer marketing campaigns on Pinterest too. These influencers have already built a loyal following. If you find the right influencers and execute a good campaign, you too will gain some loyal followers.

For best results make sure they pin something from your website and tag your Pinterest handle in their description. A lot of the influencer’s followers will click on the tag and check out your Pinterest page, leading to new Pinterest followers.

Influencer campaigns can also increase your credibility and people like following Pinterest pages that have this quality.


A great example of a successful Pinterest influencer campaign is the one between Martha Stewart and Will Taylor. The campaign, organised by Hello Society, helped Martha Stewart gain over 26,400 Pinterest followers and over 22,000 repins and 4,500 likes.

Retain Pinterest followers

There’s no use getting new Pinterest followers, if you lose them right away. This is why you should also take steps to keep your current followers happy.

#27 Check pins for spam

Before you repin an image you need to always check if it leads to where the image and the pin description say it does. If the pin leads to something irrelevant, especially if it is vulgar it could cause a loss in a lot of followers.

So click on an image, check it out and the link it leads to from head to toe. Only repin if you are happy with everything and are certain your followers will be too.

#28 Stick to one topic per board

As I mentioned earlier a lot of Pinterest pages will have one board that has several more followers than the rest. In a similar manner all your boards will have several individual followers. This is because different people have different tastes and interests. When they follow a board they expect to see pins on one topic only. And it is your job to make sure this happens. If you pin irrelevant images they will unfollow the board.

Stick to one topic per board and get your followers to trust you.


Sticking to one topic per board will also ensure that the pins get added to the right category i.e. the category you chose in your board settings. People browsing through categories are also looking for relevant content only. If your pins tick all the marks, they will certainly get more repins.

These are the methods you can use to get more followers on Pinterest. If you follow all of them you will certainly gain a lot of followers. But you don’t have to. Just figure out which ones suit you and your business best and use them consistently. And don’t forget to respect your followers as they have placed their trust in you.

If you would like my top tips on how to get more Pinterest followers, then you should join the Double Your Pinterest Followers Challenge. It’s a free course where I share my best tips on how to gain followers quickly. CLICK HERE and Join. I will also email you a PDF version of this post and a checklist that will ensure you get the most out all the tips.

Double Your Pinterest Followers Challenge

For more Pinterest marketing tips check out my free Pinterest Marketing Video Tutorial.

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