• kate ahl

    thanks so much for sharing my services! Much appreciated.

  • A social media manager needs to be a real multitasker: a digital marketer, a qualitative and quantitative analyst, a public relations pro, a writer and not only because they’ll dedicate these skills to Twitter and Facebook, but because they need to be able to go beyond social media when necessary. And it’s often necessary.

  • Hi Mitt. This a great article or I would say Guide on social media marketing strategy. All points mentioned with examples are very important and I would certainly apply these tactics.

  • orrawan

    Thanks for the great I love this post

  • dude

    Good article. I use Capzool and gives me everything I need — and that includes good content to post — to manage social media.

  • Breedskool

    you guys are doing an awesome job, empower people with the requisite knowledge and skill to be competent social media managers:
    Am Abraham, a Nigerian, passionate about information technology and digital evolution, am currently organizing a social media management training for the youths in my community, i really found this post helpful, thank you so much.

  • Social media managers need to be very bold and hardworking for sure! It’s not always an easy task to do so many things at once. It’s great to build a team to help you with all these tasks.

  • starpixel

    nice photography….www.starpixelclippingpoint.com

  • Wilver Mero Sobandero Hernanad

    This definately helped even though I did a quick speed read while waiting for the PDF to download. I have been doing volunteer services to get myself in the door. My city was rated the 2nd cheapest city in America including the spending habits of people. So i finally landed my first decent paying client and tommorow is the big day. This has given me further insight that I can relay. I’ll be following you as a virtual mentoe.

  • This is the most comprehensive article you can find online about the wide variety of social media jobs available. Great job on putting it all together!

  • Chuks

    Hi Miitt. Thanks for sharing this article it is very comprehensive and i have learnt a lot from it.

  • Will Preach Leeman

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d785cfc750e2becaa9f1f15e4f8403238929e9110dc9c4d00d083e81d01e66f0.png I generally don’t limit myself in what I offer, I do however work with my clients on a case by case basis with the understanding that as their company grows so do my rates, it has proven a lucrative practice so far and seen me gather 5 very decent clients with a string of others nibbling at my offers. great article, thanks!

  • Pradip Shenolkar

    Very informative post.
    Well said: “If you want to find freelance social media manager work, then you should read everything I have written below.” 🙂 🙂

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