4 Best Pinterest Scheduling Tools Tried and Tested

Pinterest Scheduling Tools Tried and Tested

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Do you want to use the best Pinterest scheduling tools? Would you like to find out what the most effective ones are?

In order to get great results from Pinterest you need to pin several times a day.

Tailwind found that their users pin 28 times a day on average. These users are serious about building their presence on Pinterest. If you are too and want to compete at the same level you need to pin at a similar frequency, otherwise your pins will be lost among the hundreds and thousands of pins of these users. Pinning several times will get you more exposure, followers and traffic.

For best results you should use Pinterest scheduling tools to ensure your pins go out at regular intervals, instead of all at once.

This is why in this blog post I have written about the top Pinterest scheduling tools. I have used all of the tools listed below. I have discussed the features and pros and cons of each tool to make it easy for you to find the one that suits you and your business best.

Here are the best Pinterest scheduling tools…

#1 Tailwind:

Tailwind is probably the best Pinterest scheduling tool as along with making it easy to schedule pins, they also provide detailed analytics. They now offer Instagram scheduling too, but the tool was initially made specifically for Pinterest.

Using Tailwind you can easily upload images or share them from any webpage. They have a browser extension that can help you with this. You can upload pins directly from your computer, from your Instagram account and from images you design on Canva as it integrates with Tailwind.

pinterest scheduling tool Tailwind feature suggested pins

One of my favourite Tailwind features is suggested pins which shows you pins relevant to the one you just pinned. You can begin adding them with a single click. If you don’t find anything interesting to pin from here, you can just click the refresh button and more new pins will appear. Sometimes I end up pinning 5 to 10 pins from the suggestions. It saves me so much time.

Tailwind also lets you know if you have published a pin before so that you can keep duplicates at bay. As you can see in the above screenshot, Tailwind is informing me that I already pinned the image on the right.

Another one of their excellent features is Tailwind Tribes. It is sort of like Triberr for Pinterest or Pinterest group boards. You can either join tribes created by others or create your own tribes and invite others. After that you can begin submitting pins to these tribes so that other Tribe members can begin pinning them. It’s a good way to get more repins and traffic.

tailwind new feature tribes

To encourage others to share your pins you too should share the pins they submit. Doing this will also help forge relationships with people in similar niches. Anyone can use Tribes for free, but you need a Tailwind account to schedule the pins.

As aforementioned Tailwind has really advanced pin analytics. It provides detailed analytics that most of the other Pinterest scheduling tools lack. It even shows stats that Pinterest’s built-in analytics doesn’t show like follower growth. I can check my daily follower growth to see if I had a sudden spurt in followers because of a pin or something else.

You can use their analytics to monitor both your page and your website. It analyses your page to tell you what your best times to pin are based on engagement. You can then directly add these times to your pinning schedule on Tailwind and automatically schedule pins at your perfect times.

They also have a pin inspector, which shows you what your best performing boards and pins are and allows you to quickly repin your best performing pins.

By monitoring your domain with Tailwind you should be able to see the number of pins people pin from your website in a day, how many people are pinning them, etc. You can even monitor traffic by linking your Google Analytics account.

For advanced analytics you need to get their Professional plan which costs $799.99 a month.

Pricing options:

Free Trial available: Yes, first 100 pins are free.

Basic plan cost: $14.99/month or $9.99/month when paid for the entire year.

Most advanced plan cost: Custom. Requires a personal demo.

#2 Viraltag:

Viraltag is another good Pinterest scheduling tool although unlike Tailwind and Buffer they are not an official Pinterest partner. They are actually more of a visual marketing tool, as you can use them to schedule to other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr and Instagram. But you can only schedule image updates, you don’t have the option to add text or link updates here.

viraltag has several integrations

To make it easy for you to add images to other social networks they integrate with platforms like Dropbox, Flickr and Google Drive. You can also import images from social networks like Instagram and Facebook.

viraltag has evergreen posts

They have an evergreen posts feature that automatically posts the images whenever there is an empty spot in your schedule. There is even an explore section that shows you content shared by other Viraltag users.

Viraltag provides some interesting analytics, but it isn’t as detailed as Tailwind’s. If you are looking for a complete visual social media scheduling tool Viraltag would be a good option, but you will need to complement it with an extra tool like Hootsuite or Buffer that lets you schedule links and text updates too.

Pricing options:

Free Trial available: Yes.

Basic plan cost: $29/month or $24/month when paid for the entire year.

Most advanced plan cost: $249+/month

#3 Hootsuite:

Hootsuite doesn’t let you directly schedule posts to Pinterest, but it integrates with Tailwind. They used to integrate with Viraltag, but now they integrate with Tailwind. You can take advantage of their streams feature and neatly organize your Tailwind account on Hootsuite.

tailwind integrates with hootsuite pinterest scheduling tool

As you can see from the above screenshot, in the first stream you have the Pin calendar where you can see all the pins you have scheduled, you can even add or remove pin times or move the already scheduled pins around so that they go out at different times. The scheduled pins stream provides more details on the pins you have scheduled.

Under latest pins you can see the pins you have published and the amount of repins and likes they got. You can also share these pins onto your other social media accounts on Hootsuite.

One of the great things about this stream and Tailwind analytics in general is that you can see the number of pins that individual pin got whether you shared with Tailwind or another tool like Viraltag or Buffer or directly with Pinterest itself. This is really important as Pinterest only shows us the number of likes and repins the image has gotten in its lifetime. And Buffer and Viraltag only show the number of repins and likes the pin alone got if you pinned the image with their tool.

You also have a content suggestions stream and a drafts stream here. I frequently use Tailwind on Hootsuite as I use Hootsuite to manage my social media and clients social media. It is very convenient and easy.

Pricing options:

Free Trial available: Yes, free plan available.

Basic plan cost: $14.99/month or $9.99 per month when paid for the entire year plus the cost of Tailwind.

Most advanced plan cost: Custom pricing

#4 Buffer:

I also use Buffer as I love their interface. It makes it very easy for me to schedule updates on networks like Twitter and Linkedin. They also let you post to Pinterest, but I don’t use it very often as it hasn’t got Pinterest specific features that make it easy to schedule to Pinterest. For example while using Pinterest scheduling tools like Tailwind and Viraltag you can schedule the pin to multiple boards, but you can’t do this with buffer.

Also when you pin images that are more than 600 X 900 pixels only a part of them appears if you try to use the browser extension. To pin bigger images like infographics you need to right click on the image you want to pin and then schedule it. This can make it more time consuming.

And to get detailed analytics you need to get a business plan, the pricing for which starts at $99.

If you’re looking for a basic Pinterest scheduling tool Buffer would be a great option. I love Buffer while using it for networks like Twitter, but it is not the best for Pinterest. If you’re very serious about Pinterest marketing it would be better to invest in a Pinterest specific marketing tool like the ones mentioned earlier.

Pricing options:

Free Trial available: Yes.

Basic plan cost: $10 month or $102 for the entire year.

Most advanced plan cost: $399/month

The Pinterest scheduling tool you choose should depend on your businesses needs and budget. I started with Viraltag, but I switched to Tailwind as I mainly liked their suggested pins and analytics features a lot. I occasionally use Buffer to manage other pages like my personal account as it does the job, but it’s not a specialized Pinterest tool.

To find the perfect Pinterest scheduling tool for you, you must go through the above tools and pick the one with features and pricing options that suit you. But you should probably start with Tailwind because for my money it’s the best Pinterest scheduling tool available and it’s affordable too.

4 Best Pinterest Scheduling Tools Tried and Tested

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Which of the above Pinterest scheduling tools do you use? Did I forget to list any other popular Pinterest scheduling tool? Please leave your comments below.

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    Thanks for the post. I’d like to add the tool I use..PinPinterest com. It is free to use and very powerful… Probably the best automation and marketing tool ever made for Pinterest.
    A must try…

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