About Social Marketing Writing


About Social Marketing Writing

Social Marketing Writing is a free online resource where businesses, freelancers, etc. can find information and marketing tips relating to social media, marketing and writing which they can use to stand out from their competition and market themselves better to their audience.

Social Marketing Writing publishes content regularly on the blog which businesses will find helpful. They also publish white papers and guides which businesses will find helpful.

About Mitt Ray

Mitt Ray is the Founder & CEO of Social Marketing Writing. Mitt Ray also runs The White Paper Blog which is an online source for information on writing and marketing white papers. He is the author of the book White Paper Marketing. He is also the director of imittcopy which is a copywriting service where he writes and develops white papers, white paper marketing material, content, articles, and other copywriting material for his clients on a regular basis. He also writes stories and novels for children and young adults. Mitt is the author of the book “Living With Ogres”. You can contact him on mitt@socialmarketingwriting.com or through this page.


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