• TucsonMike

    #2 Side Summaries: good idea but you don’t explain how to do it, like you do with large fonts in #1.

    • Hi Mike,

      Thank you for your comment. You will need to hire a designer to create that for you.


  • Great tips, Mitt 🙂

    I have thought about side summaries (not particularly as summaries though. I wanted to stand out, so I decided to try something else: Bonus tips).

    So far, I have just used bullet points for bonus tips (don’t know how to set side summaries. I need to look into that, soon. There might be a plugin for that :D).

    As for large fonts, well I think I use fairly large font size (14 pt for body text).

    • Thank you Jeevan!

      Bonus tips sounds really good!

      There must be a plugin like you mentioned.


  • Prairie Wife

    Thanks for the tips!

  • Nathan Brook

    These points are very basic and they are very helping. I‘ve corrected my many mistakes after reading your post thanks for such a wonderful post.

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  • Ken

    Thanks for this post! Very helpful and concise! Also thanks for turning me onto James Clear!!!