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  • Amazing post with worthy tips on choosing the perfect twitter name. I will go with your tip #1 that is to use relevant twitter name.

    • Hi Ambreen,

      Thank you for your comment.


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  • Sunny

    There’s a special tool: http://twitternamegenerator.com

  • It should be creative, catchy and SEO friendly. I know that it might be hard to think of something with all those three but they are what most people recognize as good brand name. It should be something that will stick to someone’s head right away.
    Branding Companies

  • R Veera Raghavan

    Good tips. Thank you!

  • anandhvpm

    @bigtechideas:disqus Test @ambreen11:disqus

  • Janet Kelly

    I am new to media advertising and am not sure I picked a
    good twitter name. I would appreciate some honest feedback. @kellydesigns4u

  • Twitter won’t allow me to make a 3 letter handle- has this changed since this article was published? My business name is Perfectly Painted Designs so I tried to make it PPD but it says “error- username too short”