• Mitt: Great list. My top 4 from your list are Hootsuite, Sumall, Canva, and Alltop.

    I’d investigate these 3 from your list: Post Planner, ManageFlitter, PicMonkey.

    These favorites of mine are not on your list: Grammarly, DISQUS, and Mailchimp.


    • Thank you Peter!

      I like Disqus too. I have heard good things about Grammarly and I will try it out soon. MailChimp is a great tool, but I use Aweber. I didn’t list either as I wanted to focus on social media tools. 🙂

      Thank you for your comment!

  • H876

    Hey bro…
    How are you…

    Most of people wants to make a website and they need to know about login membership system…

    Could you please explain about it in a unique post…
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  • NikhilTiwari96

    Hello, It’s a well researched article…

    would like to suggest sociota as well.

  • Pleased to hear these words ! it’s really amazing !
    thanks !

  • IgKttYm

    Hey, Great list. Thanks for sharing. What about Social media lead generation tools? Few i’ve used are SalesLoft, AeroLeads, SocialQuant.

  • lisa Wilson

    I think the best part about social network is we now have tools where we can post our blog or content across the social media from a single plugin like Blog2social. I feel that is more convenient for somebody as user who wants to focus a large area of audience.

    For me it is pretty simple to post blogs from my website to all the social media accounts:-)

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