• Bernard Williams

    Hi Interesting and helpful article. Do you have time to look at the following problem I and others are having with twitter.
    Twitter, with no publicity, stop new signers at ” following 2000″ ( in my case
    just over 6 months). There was no advance warning until I was literally at 2000
    when I received an on screen note saying ” This site is blocked we do not allow more than a 2000 following” . In their rules they do not encourage aggressive deleting large numbers at the same time.
    I was following, Influencers, and ladies who were possible cusotmers. I had not purchsed any follows, and spent about 1/2 hour per day building my list.
    I published this story on Linkedin and found another person with the same problem.
    I’ve sent messages to twitter, and received no reply.
    Now I hardly use twitter at all, and am considering dropping this side of my
    marketing platfordm
    I can be reached at email bernardaw1@aol.com
    Thanks in advance.
    Bernard Williams

  • fastupfront

    Hi Bernard,
    Thank you for the feedback. As I understand the Twitter policy, if you’ve reached the account-based follow limit (2,000 users), you’ll need to wait until you yourself have more followers before you can follow additional users.
    Hope this helps!