3 Tips for Creating Powerful Twitter Background Images


3 Tips for Creating Powerful Twitter Background Images

Are you making the most of your twitter background image?

The Twitter background image is an important part of your account. You can use it the same way you use the Facebook cover image on your Facebook page. It might actually be even more important than the Facebook cover image, as your Twitter bio can only be 160 characters long. This gives you the opportunity to add important information you might not be able to include in your bio, to your background image.

I have included a few tips on creating Twitter background images below. Check them out…

1. Ensure that it goes well with the rest of the images:

Along with the background image there are two other images on your Twitter account – the header and the profile image. Of all three images, the most important one is the profile image. This is the image that helps people identify your account. So it’s necessary to use a good headshot of yourself if it’s a personal account or a logo of your company if the account is for your company.

The rest of the images should be based around this profile image. They should suit it. So use a colour and design that goes well with it. The profile image, the header and the background image together should have a unified look. They should also suit the other details like the name, handle, bio, location and website. Doing this will also ensure that your account reflects your brand.

Get Your Twitter background image, header and profile picture to look well together

Oreo Cookie has a great background image. The logo has an illustration of an Oreo Cookie which (as most of you might know) is black in colour (with white cream in the centre) and this cookie is surrounded by a light blue colour. The header has a close up illustration of an Oreo Cookie. And the background image suits both the header and the profile image as it has got the black coloured cookie, the white cream and the light blue surroundings. All three images suit each other and they reflect the brand. It also helps promote their cookies as an illustration of the cookies is present on all three images.

Integrate the Header and Background Twitter images if possible

Another brilliant example is Clarks, a shoe manufacturer and retailer, who have integrated their header and their background image to make it all look like a single image. They help display Clarks’ brand too.

For more tips on creating effective Twitter accounts, read the post, 5 Tips for a Perfect Twitter Profile.

2. Promote products and services:

There’s very little you can do in the 160 characters allotted to you in the bio. You can write a bit about yourself and maybe squeeze in some important news or an extra link to your website or maybe the handle to another Twitter account. This is why it’s important for you to make the most of your background image by adding details about your products or services. You could add images of your latest promotions and make the ample space work for you.

Promote Your Products on Your Twitter Background Image

Magnum Ice Cream has a mouth watering picture of their ice cream and a few lines saying what it is made with, on the left side of their background image. This is a great way to quickly drive the attention of their followers onto their product. You could do the same by adding a clear picture of your products to the background image.

3. Include contact information:

You can add one website in the website field and maybe another one in the Twitter bio, but if you would like to display links to more websites and other social media accounts you can do so by adding the link to your background image. You could also add your email address and/or phone number.

Note: When promoting your products or adding contact information make sure the text is either to the left or to the right edges and is clear so that people can easily find them.

Display Contact Information on your Twitter background image

Morrisons, a chain of supermarkets located in the UK, have a fantastic background image where they display their contact information. If you look on the left side of the background image, you will see a phone number right at the top. Below that there are website addresses to their Facebook page and Youtube account. You will also find web addresses to their magazine and one of their other websites.

These are the three tips to creating great Twitter background images. Make the most of them and get the best out of your Twitter account.

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How do you make the most of the Twitter background image? Have you got some tips you would like to share with us? Please leave your comments below. 

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  • http://www.OnlineMarketingIntro.com monicamcpherrin

    What are your favorite tools for creating Twitter backgrounds, both free and for pay?

    • http://www.mittray.com Mitt Ray

      Hi Monica!

      I don’t use a tool specifically made for creating Twitter backgrounds. But I do like to use tools like PicMonkey. It helps me create images. There are both free and paid plans.


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