3 Sure Fire Ways to Increase LinkedIn Credibility


3 Sure Fire Ways to Increase Linkedin Credibility

Do you use Linkedin to generate leads? Would you like to increase Linkedin credibility?

According to a study by Hubspot Linkedin is the best lead generator, performing better than Facebook and Twitter.

Linkedin Best Lead Generator

This makes it necessary for you to get more active on Linkedin. For generating leads the first thing you need to do is increase your credibility as people will only work with you if they can be sure that you are trustworthy and up to the mark. So here are some simple tips that will help you increase Linkedin credibility…

1. Complete Your Profile:

The simplest way to increase Linkedin credibility is by completing your profile. When you show people all your qualifications, experience, publications, etc. it can add a lot of credibility, especially if you have got a lot of them.

The first thing you need to do is write down a few paragraphs detailing all your experience, achievements, expertise, etc. in the summary section. Make sure this is written properly with good grammar and punctuation. It needs to be something people can quickly read to learn all about you. Also fill in your contact details – include website address, twitter profile, email address to help people learn more about you easily.

Then write down your experience in the experience section. List out your present and past jobs and in detail write down what your role was. If you have written any books you can add them here too as a position. You can also add your books to the publications section. Describe what your book is about and what you have contributed to it with your expertise.

Also fill in all your education details in the education section.

You can also list your honours and awards and the organizations you are a part of.

And after you fill in everything make sure you summarize your current position in the headline so that people know what you do as soon as they see your profile.

Fill In Your Linkedin Details Completely

Neal Schaffer has a great Linkedin Profile. He has a well written summary and his other details which include experience, education, publications, organizations and honours and awards sections have been filled in perfectly. Make sure you fill in your profile completely too, to make it very credible.

2. Get Recommended:

People will believe in your credentials more when someone else talks about you. They won’t always listen to what you say about yourself. This is why testimonials and case studies are necessary for running a business. They show people that you really are as good as you claim you are. On Linkedin testimonials can be obtained in the form of recommendations. When someone (third party) else writes about how you have helped them or how good you are people will read it and will want to work with you.

So ask people you have worked with to leave recommendations on your profile. You can actually invite them to leave recommendations. For best results ask highly authoritative figures to leave them as the more authoritative the person who leaves them is, the more weight they carry. You can ask your current boss or your past bosses, your colleagues, etc. If you are a freelancer you can ask clients you have worked with to write them.

Work on Getting a Lot of Recommendations

Ian Cleary has a lot of recommendations on his Linkedin profile. He has been recommended more than 20 times. When you go through his profile and read all the wonderful things people have said about him, you will really want to connect with him and learn more about what he does and work with him.

Another way to increase your credibility is by getting several people to endorse you. I don’t see the point of this feature, but many people seem to take it very seriously. People have even asked me to endorse them. So getting many endorsements might get some people to think highly of you.

3. Share content:

One of the easiest ways to display your expertise is by sharing a lot of content. This should be a combination of both, your content and content created by others. Everyday share at least one article on your profile and one on a group you participate in. For best results just share content that comes under your Niche. And when some likes your post, shares it or comments on it make it a point to reply or thank them.

Follow the above tips and increase Linkedin credibility.

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Now it’s your turn: What is the best way to increase Linkedin credibility? Have you got any tips you would like to share with us? Please leave your comments below. 

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