13 Blogging Statistics You Probably Don’t Know, But Should [Infographic]


13 Blogging Stats You Probably Don’t Know, But Should [Infographic]

Are you making the most of the latest blogging statistics to build a better blog?

You can easily find hundreds of blogging statistics around the web. Some of them are stats that mainly state why blogging is important and the others can help you create powerful blogs. I prefer reading the latter ones and implementing them on my blog to get better results.

So I looked around for studies and graphs that contain blogging stats that can be used to build a better blog and created this infographic. I also included some of the stats from research I had conducted in the past, like this one on How to Build a Credible Blog. Along with the blogging stats I have provided some tips on how they can be used to create a better blog too. Check them out below…

13 Blogging Statistics You Probably Don’t Know, But Should [Infographic]

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What are your favourite blogging statistics in the above infographic? How has it helped you? Please leave your comments below.

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Mitt Ray is the Founder of Social Marketing Writing. Connect with him on Pinterest and Twitter @MittRay.

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  • Kalpesh Singh

    Nice post!

    • http://www.mittray.com Mitt Ray

      Thank you Kalpesh!


  • http://www.meg-enterprises.com Marjorie Geiser

    Mitt, I blog twice a week, which generally are published on Wednesdays and Fridays. But your infographic made me realize I should be writing more often! Thanks!

    • http://www.mittray.com Mitt Ray

      You’re welcome Marjorie! I am glad you found it helpful.

      Thank you for your comment.


    • http://www.razorsocial.com/ Ian Cleary

      Hi Marjorie, you should try post on another day other than Friday also!

  • http://www.razorsocial.com/ Ian Cleary

    Hi Mitt,
    Some useful information in this, great tips.

    • http://www.mittray.com Mitt Ray

      Hi Ian!

      Thank you.


  • http://www.panningtheglobe.com/ Lisa Goldfinger

    Thanks for the great tips. I would love to be able to post more often than once or twice a week. But if I ever get efficient enough to post daily, my one fear is that my subscribers will be bombarded with too many emails.

    • http://www.mittray.com Mitt Ray

      Hi Lisa,

      You’re welcome. You should experiment posing more often for a few weeks and see how it goes. Thank you for your comment.


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  • http://GrowMap.com Gail Gardner

    Good information, but reconsider point #8. Traffic isn’t the only variable that is important. Monday we are all buried worse than most other days. We may visit a blog, but how much time and attention are we really able to give it? Everyone and their brother believes they should post on Monday, so there is more noise.

    Personally, I publish important content on Tues, Wed or Thurs a.m. – not Monday.