How Stencil More than Doubled their Blog Conversion Rate in Less than 30 Days

Social Marketing Writing and Mitt Ray helped Stencil increase their blog conversion rate to 2.80% from 1.12%

Being one of the top online graphic design software out there, Stencil hired Mitt to improve the performance of their blog.  

 After working with Stencil for a month, we were able to more than double their conversion rate of their blog. And this is just the beginning. As Stencil continue to follow the strategy, we custom created for them, their conversion rate will increase further.  

“We hired Mitt to help with content marketing and social media management. He helped us to create a strategy and optimize our blog for conversion and drove relevant traffic by creating targeted content. His work helped us more than double signup conversions to our mailing list!”

Adam Rotman

Co-Founder, Head of Product at Stencil


Optimize site for conversion, create better content and drive more targeted organic traffic. 


In one month the blog conversion rate more than doubled. It increased from 1.12% to 2.8%. Conversion rate and traffic will continue to increase as the same strategy and principles are applied in the following months. 

How we did it

  • Audited the blog and created a new content marketing strategy  
  • Helped optimize the site for conversion with new lead magnets, landing pages, optin forms, call to actions, etc.  
  • Helped set up a new funnel that converts leads to customers  
  • Created new content that resonated with their audience  
  • Optimized it for SEO and social media sharing  
  • Promoted content with multiple methods  

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