Do you want to get more traffic and customers with social media?  

Likes, Followers, Shares, Comments, blah, blah, blah, blah!  

There are countless other social media metrics out there. Many social networks have their own unique metrics too.  

Being bombarded with all these metrics can confuse anyone who wants to market with social media.  

Those who understand that only two metrics matter most will always come out on top.  

They are traffic and customers!  

Traffic and customers run businesses. Therefore, they matter most to your businesses. Your social media strategy should be built to attain these two goals.  

Every other metric should only be weaved into your strategy in order to help accomplish these goals.  

This is exactly how, I, Mitt Ray, help my clients achieve stellar results with social media marketing.  

I look at how I can help them get more traffic and customers and then I create easy to follow strategies that bring results.  

What my clients say

"Mitt’s social media consultation and strategy report was extremely thorough, providing me with clear and concise steps I can follow on an ongoing basis to achieve better results longer term. Genuine, friendly, helpful and professional person."

-Diane Stafford, Web Designer Chester

"Mitt began helping me with my content marketing. I was really impressed with his work so I hired him to manage my social media too. He produced great results here as well, as engagement levels, followers and traffic increased quickly. Mitt keeps me updated on the progress made through clearly written reports. I enjoy working with him and recommend him to anyone who requires help with content and social media marketing."

-Oren Greenberg, Kurve

"I had a great consultation with Mitt. In the session, Mitt gave me a lot of tips on how to create an effective Facebook page and manage it. I learned about the various tools I could use to manage all my social media accounts. He also helped me decide which social media would suit my business best so that I could narrow my focus on them. I found the entire session very helpful and him, very generous and smart."

-Lori Koop,

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Here are a few services I offer

Consulting Sessions

I can speak to you for 30 minutes or more and help you build a social media strategy that drives customers and traffic.

Social Media Strategy

Social media marketing brings results only if you have a strategy in place. Tell me what your goals are and I will build a strategy that attains them.

Social Media Management

A properly run social media management plan is the key to driving the highest engagement, traffic and sales. I have helped several businesses with management and can help you too. 

Content Marketing

Social media marketing is at its best when content marketing is at its core. I can help you with everything from creating content strategies to running blogs to coupling content with social media marketing. 

Lead Generation

Your social media and content marketing strategies are a waste of time, if you aren’t capturing leads. I can help you convert maximum traffic to leads and customers. 

Social Media Audits

Are you unsure if your social media strategy is working? With my social media audit I can score your current social media plan and show you how to quickly boost your presence.

What my clients say

"Working with Mitt has helped me get my online presence for my business on track. He is very professional and dedicated to helping individuals develop a solid strategy to attracting their ideal clients. He has a wealth of knowledge and gives it so unselfishly. I recommend for any brand or business owner to work with Mitt, if they truly desire to go to the next level. Thanks Mitt."

-Micaela, Precious Little Heartbeat Child Care

"Mitt is an expert in social and digital marketing. A year ago I approached him for advice and consulting on B2B digital marketing trends, specifically to do with long-form collateral like white papers, trend reports, and thought leadership. His insight into the business landscape was smart, on point, and extremely helpful for our startup. I highly recommend speaking with Mitt, if you are navigating offline and online communications strategy. He knows the business and he is very generous with his time and ideas. Very much worth it!"

-Christie Nicholson, Publet

"I hired Mitt to build out my companies Pinterest Business Page and build out my first 10 boards. He did a great job and listened to all of my feedback. He came back around and updated the a strategy document for me before he completed the work, so we were both on the same page. Having this outsourced to Mitt allowed me to free up internal resources, knock out my project quickly and professionally. Excellent Job Mitt."

-Joe Dahleen, Primary Capital Advisors

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