15 Twitter Statistics You Probably Don’t Know, But Should [Infographic]


Implement These 15 Twitter Stats to Get More Retweets, Traffic and Followers [Infographic]

Are you using the latest twitter statistics in your social media strategy? Are they helping you get more retweets, followers and traffic?

What type of Twitter statistics do you prefer reading most, those that go on stating why it is a powerful social network to use or those that tell you how to use it better? I prefer the latter, as it’s obvious that it is a useful network. I want to know how I can use it to get better results.

If you  too would like to get better results on Twitter, you should read the below infographic where I have only included statistics that can be used to get more retweets, clicks on the links you share and followers. I also included tips on how to use these Twitter statistics. They will make it easy for you to implement the information right away…

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How to Manage All Your Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day [Infographic]


You Can Manage Your Social Media Within 30 Minutes a Day With this Infographic

How long does it take you to manage all your social media accounts? Would you like to learn how to execute it within 30 minutes a day?

Managing all social media accounts (especially if there are many of them) can be a big task for the business owner, who has other important things to take care of, and for social media managers who need to manage several accounts. It can take up a huge part of your day. But if you have a plan, it is possible to manage all your social media accounts in just 30 minutes as displayed in this infographic from Pardot.

You need to check it out below and learn how to manage all your social media: this includes Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram accounts in 30 minutes a day…

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16 Tools to Help You Manage an Impeccable Social Presence [Infographic]


Manage Your Social Presence With These 16 Tools

Are you using the right tools to manage your social presence?

If you look around you will find hundreds and hundreds of social media apps and tools that can help you manage your social presence. Many more are added each day. A few of these can help you do something you couldn’t do yesterday and in the process manage your social presence better.

Out of all these tools a handful standout with their features, service and overall usefulness. If you would like to find out the best tools to manage your social presence right now then you have to read the infographic below. This helpful infographic from Socially Stacked also contains the different subscription plans these social media management tools offer…

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The Most Popular Words on Social Media And How to Make the Most of Them [Infographic]


Infographic on the Most Popular Words on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr And How to Make the Most of them

Are you using the right words in your social media updates? Are you making the most of the most popular words on social media?

Some of my favourite infographics are the ones created by Dan Zarrella, where there is a lot of new data which can be used to improve your social media presence. So I created an infographic on the most popular words on social media using some of this data. I first listed out the most popular words on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr and then I provided some tips on how to use them effectively. Check out the most popular words on social media below…

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3 Content Marketing Lessons from the Oscars


This is a guest post by Lisa Zatulovsky of Straight North.

3 Content Marketing Lessons from the Oscars

Did you get any content marketing lessons while watching the oscars?

The gowns, the jewels, the barrage of celebrities – all were front and center at the 2014 Oscars. But beyond the glitter and glamour, what can marketers learn from this event that benefits their companies? From fashion to food, here are three content marketing lessons learned from the Oscars to incorporate into your strategy…

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15+ Ways to Lose Your Twitter Followers [Infographic]


15+ Ways to Lose Your Twitter Followers [Infographic]

Would you like to keep your Twitter followers?

Having more Twitter followers isn’t just about gaining them, but it’s also about keeping the current ones. When you take steps to keep your current ones happy, it will also help you get more engagement through retweets, favourites and responses. Here is a great infographic from DK New Media on reasons why people unfollow on Twitter. It contains a lot of statistics on what might cause you to lose your Twitter followers. Check it out below and use it to keep your Twitter followers…

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11 Vital Points of a Social Media Marketing Plan

11 Vital Points of a Social Media Marketing PlanHave you got a social media marketing plan? Would you like to learn how to create one?

There is no question that social media is an effective and powerful tool for business and product marketing. Everyone can now be found on Facebook or Twitter or both; and even those who proudly say they use neither can be influenced by friends and acquaintances who are active on social media. Either way, anyone living in a modern community can truly be reached by social media marketing.

The medium here is social media, but the basic principles of marketing are pretty much the same. There is still a target market, a product or service to be promoted, a brand name whose authority needs to be established, and even the necessity of an attraction or entertainment factor. Check all the 11 vital points of a successful social media marketing plan below… [Read more...]