17 Tips to Attract More Pinterest Website Traffic [Infographic]


17 Ways to Get More Pinterest Website Visitors

Would you like to attract more Pinterest website traffic?

Pinterest can be a great source of traffic even better than Facebook as seen on some sites. So I created this infographic with 17 easy to absorb tips which can be used to drive more Pinterest website traffic. You can use the tips in this infographic to drive traffic to both websites and blogs. If you would like to get more Pinterest website traffic make sure you read this infographic, it should take you very little time…

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14 Ways to Drive More Website Traffic With Pinterest


14 Ways to Drive More Website Traffic With Pinterest

Would you like to drive more website traffic with Pinterest?

According to a report, Pinterest drives more website traffic than Reddit, Youtube, Linkedin, Google+ and MySpace. This was around January 2012 when Pinterest just had 11.7 million users. Now the network has over 70 million users and it continues to grow. You should be able to drive more traffic with all these users. So get active and use the tips in this article to drive more website traffic with Pinterest

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5 SEO Infographics to Magnify Your Search Engine Presence


5 SEO Infographics to Magnify Your Search Engines Presence

Would you like to drive more website traffic? Are you getting sufficient traffic from search engines?

For driving more website traffic, one of the main aspects businesses should focus on is SEO. When you search engine optimize your website, you make it search ready and this helps it appear higher in search results, thereby helping it attract more traffic – a study by Optify also shows that the top three results together receive 58.4% of the traffic.

Top Sites Get All the Clicks

This makes the SEO of your website essential.

There are many components that contribute to the SEO of a website – you need to add keywords to the body of the content, to the meta-data and build links. All this might seem complicated and hard to digest quickly. So I have gone through the web and found some helpful infographics that can explain SEO and simplify the process of search engine optimizing your website. Check out all 5 infographics below…

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How to Use StumbleUpon to Increase Website Traffic


This is a guest post by Shanna Mallon of Straight NorthHow to Use StumbleUpon to Increase Website Traffic

Everybody talks about using Facebook and Pinterest to build referral traffic—but what about StumbleUpon? In 2011, Forbes published findings that StumbleUpon had surpassed even Facebook as a source of social media traffic in the United States. While statistics change over time, one thing is certain: StumbleUpon is not a bookmarking site to overlook. So what do you need to know about this tool? How can using StumbleUpon build traffic on your website? Here are three steps and a few general guidelines to make the most of this network…

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The Complete Guide to Using Pinterest’s Web Analytics Tool


The Complete Guide to Using Pinterest's Web Analytics Tool

Last week Pinterest launched its new web analytics tool which makes it easy for you to track pins and repins from your website. This tool is a great addition as you can now study the most popular images on your website and use the information to drive more engagement and traffic. Below I have written steps on how to get started with the web analytics tool, what everything means and how you can use it to promote your business…

How to view analytics…

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10 Rules for Successfully Using Pinterest for Business [Infographic]

Do you use Pinterest for business?

Pinterest has been growing at an amazing rate. Many businesses have been successfully using it  to generate sales, engage their audience and generate traffic. Pinterest’s growth has been so great that it’s soon expected surpass Yahoo and become the fourth largest traffic source in the world.

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