3 Smashing Social Media Cheat Sheets


3 Smashing Social Media Cheat Sheets - Infographics

Social media cheat sheets in the form of infographics are a great way to quickly learn more about any social network. You can find a cheat sheet on any site – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, – you name it. Many of them teach you what each network is, who can use them, how to set up profiles and how to use them.

I think it is a great way for beginners to learn more about using social media quickly and for advanced users to keep themselves updated with the latest developments on their most important networks. They can also help you easily recollect things like special features, tricks, image sizes, time saving ways to manage them, most effective methods, etc.

So here are three important social media cheat sheets you should definitely check out…

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7 Mind Blowing Pinterest Infographics


How often do you come across Pinterest infographics?

Pinterest’s phenomenal growth has lead to the publication of hundreds of infographics about it. You can find a Pinterest infographic on almost any topic. You have ones on what the social network is about, why you should use it, how to use it for business, hot to get more followers, and just about everything. Some of them are very good, others not so much. This sea of infographics can make it hard for you to locate the good ones. So I have gone through the trouble of scouring the web and finding some great Pinterest infographics. Please check them out below…

1. Why you Should be Interested in Pinterest

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The Complete Guide to Using Pinterest’s Web Analytics Tool


The Complete Guide to Using Pinterest's Web Analytics Tool

Have you heard of Pinterest’s web analytics tool?

Last week Pinterest launched its new web analytics tool which makes it easy for you to track pins and repins from your website. This tool is a great addition as you can now study the most popular images on your website and use the information to drive more engagement and traffic. Below I have written steps on how to get started with Pinterest’s free web analytics tool, what everything means and how you can use it to promote your business…

How to view analytics…

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How to and How Not-to Promote Your Business on Pinterest [Infographic]


Do you use Pinterest for business? Are you following the right methods and avoiding the ineffective ones?

Many other sites like Myspace and StumbleUpon have been so captivated by Pinterest’s success that they have redesigned their sites to look like it.

Following effective methods will help you promote your business by generating traffic, engaging your audience and increasing sales. But avoiding ineffective methods will take it to the next level, as this will help you attract more followers, retain the existing ones and keep them attentive. As they will look forward to the content and images you share.

So take a look at the below infographic by clicklabs to learn how to and how not-to promote your business on Pinterest…

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10 Rules for Successfully Using Pinterest for Business [Infographic]

Are you using Pinterest for business?

Pinterest has been growing at an amazing rate. Many businesses have been successfully using it  to generate sales, engage their audience and generate traffic. Pinterest’s growth has been so great that it’s soon expected surpass Yahoo and become the fourth largest traffic source in the world.

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7 Ways to Get the Best Out of Your Linkedin Profile


Would you like to get the best out of your Linkedin profile?

A recent study shows that Linkedin is a better lead generator than facebook and twitter. As soon as people hear that Linkedin is the best lead generator they start taking part in various groups, on Linkedin answers, etc. But what they forget about doing is completing their profile.

If you want to generate leads on Linkedin you need to have a complete profile. As when people find the questions you answered or the tips you provided helpful, the first thing they are going to do is visit your profile and take a look at it. If your profile is properly filled out the chances of them working with you goes up. So make an effort to have a complete profile.

So if you’re keen on getting the best out of your Linked profile, take a look at the 7 tips below:-

1. Have a good profile picture: A good profile picture is a must for every Linkedin profile. It needs to be a clear picture of you smiling. You want people to recognize you when they see the picture – so choose a good picture of you. Also don’t use a company logo as your profile picture, as people want to see and connect with faces on a profile.

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6 Steps to Building an Evergreen Inbound Marketing Strategy


Would you like to build an evergreen inbound marketing strategy?

Inbound marketing is quickly growing into a popular marketing method. Many businesses have already had a lot of success using social media, blogs and other forms of content. Seeing this many other businesses are planning to give inbound marketing a go too. 2012 could be a year where the internet is filled with loads and loads of content.

This can be worrying for many other businesses because they will need to somehow get their content to stay afloat in this big content pool.

So how do businesses stay ahead of their competition through inbound marketing?

The best way to stay ahead of your competition is through an inbound marketing strategy. Having an inbound marketing strategy, will keep you way ahead of your competition as you will be sure about what you want to achieve. With an inbound marketing strategy – you will be able to plan what your target audience wants, what you need to produce, how to distribute it and how to generate leads from it.

The 6 steps below will help you get started with your evergreen inbound marketing strategy:-

1. Find out what your target audience wants:  

You need to create what your target audience wants. Your target audience doesn’t care about what you do, how experienced you are or what you care about. They care about how you can help them. This is why you need to find out all about what type of problems your target audience face, how can you help them solve these problems, what sort of content do they prefer reading (blogs, reports, white papers, videos, etc.), how long would they like it to be, what’s their favourite social media, etc. You can learn more about researching your target audience on this post.

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How to Get Started With Pinterest


Have you heard of Pinterest? Is this a social media that interests you? Would you like to get started, meet new people, share content and market yourself on Pinterest?

This post will help you get started with Pinterest, so that you can use it for the many benefits it provides – whether it’s just to meet new people, increase website traffic, sell a product, etc.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media site where you share pictures and images. In Pinterest each user (Pinner) has pin boards where the pictures they have pinned are saved. The user can come back to these pins and read them later. Even the followers of the user can check out the users Pin boards. These images can normally be found on other websites. Sometimes these images are directly uploaded.

How to get started With Pinterest…

1. Get an Invitation: You need an invitation from a Pinterest user to Join Pinterest. If you have any friends on Pinterest you could ask them to invite you. Otherwise, leave a comment below along with your email address and I will send you an invitation to join Pinterest.

You can also register on their site and wait for an invitation, but this could take days and weeks. It took me weeks to get one.

2. Complete Your Profile: Once you get an invitation, you can visit their website and sign up for an account.

If you want to sign up for a new account on Pinterest you need to have a facebook or Twitter account as it asks you whether you want to connect with your Twitter account or if you want to connect with your facebook account.

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How to Add Linkedin Share Buttons to your PDF Documents


How to Add Linkedin Share Buttons to your PDF Documents

Would you like your PDF document to be shared more often on Linkedin? Would you like to learn how to add Linkedin share buttons to your PDF documents?

Then you have to learn how to add Linkedin share buttons to your PDF documents. In the past two weeks I have showed you how to add facebook share buttons and Retweet buttons to your PDF documents. Today you will learn how to add Linkedin share buttons to your PDF documents.

Why should you add Linkedin buttons to your PDF documents?

Adding Linkedin Share buttons to your PDFs has many benefits other than just increasing the number of shares. These benefits are similar to the benefits the retweet buttons provide which have been discussed in this post with detail.

The steps below will teach you how to add Linkedin share buttons to your PDF documents:-

1. Create the button: The first thing you need to do is create the button. You can either create a fancy attractive button or a simple button which says share on Linkedin. You could also add a message like Click Here to Share on Linkedin.

You could create something similar to the above button.

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5 Awesome Tips For Adding Images to Your Blog


It has been said many times that online readers appreciate short sentences, small paragraphs and lots of white space to make blog posts easier to read. To avoid being crushed under the avalanche of content now available, online readers scan text quickly, looking for pertinent details. Apart from breaking up your text into bite-sized blocks, adding images is another great way of avoiding the Great Wall of Text that turns readers off.

Here are 5 tips to help you get the most out of images in your blog posts.


Cropped or resizing images to the same size, creates a consistent, coherent look in your posts. For most blog layouts, image width will be the most important measurement to maintain consistency with. Use trial and error to find out the image width that suits your blog’s layout best, and then stick to it with all future posts.

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