33 Ways to Get More Repins and Pins on Pinterest [Infographic]


33 Ways to Get More Pins and Repins on Pinterest

Would you like learn how to get more repins and pins on Pinterest?

Pins and repins are an important currency on Pinterest. They are as important as getting more followers. More pins and repins will lead to more traffic and sales which can be highly beneficial for your business. It can also be very uplifting. So to help you I have created an infographic with 33 tips on how to get more repins and pins. Check it out below…

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6 Tips for Writing Effective Pin Descriptions on Pinterest


6 Tips for Writing Effective Pin Descriptions on Pinterest http://socialmarketingwriting.com/6-tips-for-writing-effective-pin-descriptions-on-pinterest/

Are you writing effective Pin descriptions on Pinterest? Would you like to write better descriptions for your pins?

The description part of a pin on Pinterest is one of the most important parts. Many people don’t spend much time writing Pinterest pin descriptions. I have seen some pins with great images and random meaningless descriptions (sometimes it’s just one character) as the only way to pin an image is if it has at least one character in its description. People make this mistake because they don’t know that a good description can help pins get more exposure. So today I am going to share 6 tips on on writing effective pin descriptions on Pinterest that will help your images perform better. Check them out below…

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How to Create Pins That People Love to Pin on Pinterest [Infographic]


How to Create Pins That People Love to Share on Pinterest

Would you like to share pins on Pinterest that get repinned more?

Getting more repins on Pinterest is the key to driving more traffic, improving your presence, gaining followers, etc. It must be something you should focus on every time you pin.

I have already written about creating great pins in my blog posts 9 Questions to ask Yourself Before Pinning an Image on Pinterest and 9 Tips to Create Outstanding Pins on Pinterest. But I wanted to create a quick guide in the form of an infographic. Something that is filled with stats that work and something one could browse through and instantly learn how to create pins people love to share.

If you would like to get more repins then check out the infographic below. You are sure to learn some great tips on creating images that people want to pin on Pinterest…

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The Complete Guide to Using Pinterest’s Web Analytics Tool


The Complete Guide to Using Pinterest's Web Analytics Tool

Have you heard of Pinterest’s web analytics tool?

Last week Pinterest launched its new web analytics tool which makes it easy for you to track pins and repins from your website. This tool is a great addition as you can now study the most popular images on your website and use the information to drive more engagement and traffic. Below I have written steps on how to get started with Pinterest’s free web analytics tool, what everything means and how you can use it to promote your business…

How to view analytics…

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