11 Social Media Articles Loved by Pinterest You Must Read


11 Social Media Articles Loved by Pinterest You Must Read

Would you like to create social media articles loved by Pinterest?

When I say love I mean articles that have been pinned and repinned several times on Pinterest, i.e. performed well on Pinterest.

There are two reasons why I have created a list of these articles: one because they are well written and helpful articles. And two because they are good examples of articles well optimized for Pinterest. These two factors have helped these articles get more pins and repins.

I would like you to keep these two points in mind while you read these articles so that you can study them and create articles and blog posts that get more pins and repins. Also look forward to my article (which I will publish soon) where I will share tips on how to write articles that get more pins and repins using some of the posts in this list as examples. Check out the social media articles loved by Pinterest below…

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142 Pinterest Board Ideas for a Mesmerising Brand Page [Infographic]


142 Pinterest Board Ideas for Your Brand Page

Are you creating the right boards for your Pinterest brand page? Where do you get your Pinterest board ideas from?

The boards you create on your Pinterest brand page define your brand. On any social network your brand is defined by what you share and one way to ensure that you are pinning the right images and content on Pinterest is to create the right boards. If you create Pinterest boards that are relevant to the brand you want to project you will stick to pinning on those topics.

I have noticed that many businesses have actually been creating Pinterest boards on popular topics that are completely irrelevant to what they are in hopes of getting more followers. This might actually work and get them more followers, but it won’t convert into anything.

Sure having many followers could make their profile look outstanding, but how likely are these people to buy their products or use their services in the future. Hence it is important for you to create boards relevant to your brand and attract followers who will help you run your business by being a part of it.

I have already covered the different type of boards you must create in my post 10 Boards Every Pinterest Brand Page Must Have, but there is an infographic from Launch Grow Joy that gives you many many more Pinterest board ideas. To be exact, 142 Pinterest board ideas. Even if your industry hasn’t been covered here it can give you a better idea on the type of boards you need to create for your page. Read through it and use the Pinterest board ideas to create a mesmerising brand page…

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21 Blogs You Must Read for the Best Pinterest Tips


21 Blogs You Must Read for the Best Pinterest Tips

Are you making the most of Pinterest? Are you reading the right blogs that teach you the best Pinterest tips?

Pinterest has grown very quickly attracting both everyday users and businesses. All of them take part sharing great content in the form of images which makes it a very enjoyable and addictive experience. People have been able to do this with ease because there are several wonderful bloggers who share very helpful tips which teach everything from how to navigate the site to using it to promote your business.

I have already covered a few blogs you must read for Pinterest tips as a bonus in my article 30 Pinterest Accounts and Boards You Must Follow for Marketing Tips. Since then I have learnt about other blogs that regularly cover Pinterest tips, so here’s a separate article that is dedicated to the great blogs that cover the best Pinterest tips. Check them out below and read their tips to improve your Pinterest knowledge…

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17 Tips to Get More Pinterest Website Traffic [Infographic]


17 Ways to Get More Pinterest Website Visitors

Would you like to get more Pinterest website traffic?

Pinterest can be a great source of traffic even better than Facebook as seen on some sites and blogs. So I created this infographic with 17 easy to absorb tips which can be used to get more Pinterest website traffic. You can use the tips in this infographic to drive traffic to both websites and blogs. If you would like to get more Pinterest website traffic make sure you read this infographic, it should take you very little time…

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4 Steps to Running Engaging Pinterest Contests


 4 Steps to Running an Engaging Pinterest Contest

Anthropologie’s doing it. Bridal Guide Magazine’s doing it. Could Pinterest contests be beneficial for you too?

Whether you’re a visually oriented brand or not, Pinterest contests have the potential to draw amazing recognition and traffic for your brand. Here’s a look at why and how run engaging Pinterest contests…

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