10 Rules for Successfully Using Pinterest for Business [Infographic]

Are you using Pinterest for business?

Pinterest has been growing at an amazing rate. Many businesses have been successfully using it  to generate sales, engage their audience and generate traffic. Pinterest’s growth has been so great that it’s soon expected surpass Yahoo and become the fourth largest traffic source in the world.

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The Pinterest Guide For Marketers [Infographic]


Are you using Pinterest to promote your business? Would you like to read the Pinterest guide for marketers?

Pinterest has quickly grown to become one of the most popular social networks. According to comScore Pinterest grew by 4377% since May 2011. Pinterest has not only been helping websites generate a lot of traffic, but is also helping them drive sales. A lot of big and small brands are already on board and their user base continues to grow.

The key to marketing yourself on Pinterest is to not only optimize your profiles and brand pages, but to also optimize your website to encourage people to pin images directly from there.

The below Pinterest guide for marketers infographic from MDGadvertising has a lot of great tips on promoting yourself on Pinterest. It’s got information on the type of audience you need to target on Pinterest, the brands that are active here and how you can use the network to promote your business, both from your site and your brand page/profile.

Infographic Credit: MDGadvertising

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How have you been using Pinterest to promote your business? Would you like to share some of your tips with us? Please leave your comments in the comments box below.

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7 Ways in Which Blogs Can Use Pinterest

7 Ways  in Which Blogs Can Use  Pinterest

How can blogs use Pinterest?

Pinterest has quickly grown into one of the most popular social media sites. A recent article by Tech Crunch shows us that Pinterest hit the 10 million unique visitor mark faster than any other stand alone site. Another case study, by Casey Hibbard, on Social Media Examiner shows us how Ana White’s Carpentry blog gets more than 6,000 unique visitors a day through Pinterest. This shows us that Pinterest is a site blogs need to make the most of.

If haven’t already signed up on Pinterest, here’s an article on how to get started with Pinterest and a free guide on how to promote yourself with Pinterest.

So would you like to learn how to promote your blog with Pinterest?

Then you have to read the 7 ways in which blogs can use Pinterest…

1. To generate traffic:

As I mentioned earlier Ana white’s carpentry blog generates more than 6,000 unique visitors a day from Pinterest.

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