9 Tips to Create Outstanding Pins for Pinterest


9 Tips to Create Outstanding Pins for Pinterest

Are your pins getting the attention they deserve on Pinterest? Would you like to create outstanding pins for Pinterest?

Pinning images and content is the best way to stay active on Pinterest. But if you just casually pin images for the sake of it, your pins won’t have the best effect. For your pins to have their highest impact you need to spend some time making sure each one of them is of the best quality and stands out from the crowd of Pins on Pinterest.

Not one, not two, but several features help build a quality pin. So I have provided 9 tips to create outstanding pins for Pinterest each and every time…

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62 Tips for Marketing on Pinterest

62 Ways to Promote Yourself on Pinterest

Has your business been marketing on Pinterest? Would you like to promote yourself on Pinterest?

Pinterest’s new look along with the new tools gives marketers and businesses another reason to continue using the wonderful social network. The ability to use images along with the high levels of virality, gives businesses the opportunity to create countless ways to promote themselves.

Here are 62 tips for marketing on Pinterest…

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7 Mind Blowing Pinterest Infographics


How often do you come across Pinterest infographics?

Pinterest’s phenomenal growth has lead to the publication of hundreds of infographics about it. You can find a Pinterest infographic on almost any topic. You have ones on what the social network is about, why you should use it, how to use it for business, hot to get more followers, and just about everything. Some of them are very good, others not so much. This sea of infographics can make it hard for you to locate the good ones. So I have gone through the trouble of scouring the web and finding some great Pinterest infographics. Please check them out below…

1. Why you Should be Interested in Pinterest

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12 Common Pinterest Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


12 Common Pinterest Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Are you making these common Pinterest mistakes?

I have noticed several mistakes being made on Pinterest. Businesses need to figure out what these mistakes are and eliminate them before it’s too late as mistakes can withhold the ability to generate sales and leads. Below you will find a list of common Pinterest mistakes I have spotted. I have explained each Pinterest mistake thoroughly and the steps you must follow to avoid them to reach your audience and promote yourself better…

1. An incomplete brand page:

I quite often come across brand pages that are incomplete or just very wrong. A complete brand page is the key to building a brand on Pinterest and helping you generate more website traffic and increasing sales. It can also help you attract more relevant followers and make it easy for people to locate you through online search.

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The Pinterest Guide For Marketers [Infographic]


Are you using Pinterest to promote your business? Would you like to read the Pinterest guide for marketers?

Pinterest has quickly grown to become one of the most popular social networks. According to comScore Pinterest grew by 4377% since May 2011. Pinterest has not only been helping websites generate a lot of traffic, but is also helping them drive sales. A lot of big and small brands are already on board and their user base continues to grow.

The key to marketing yourself on Pinterest is to not only optimize your profiles and brand pages, but to also optimize your website to encourage people to pin images directly from there.

The below Pinterest guide for marketers infographic from MDGadvertising has a lot of great tips on promoting yourself on Pinterest. It’s got information on the type of audience you need to target on Pinterest, the brands that are active here and how you can use the network to promote your business, both from your site and your brand page/profile.

Infographic Credit: MDGadvertising

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