The Cheat Sheet to Pinterest Limits [Infographic]


An Infographic on the Limits on Pinterest

Like every social media, Pinterest has certain limits. Many of these Pinterest limits have been made official, while a few haven’t. To make it easy for you to stick inside these limits on Pinterest and avoid being branded a spammer, I have created this infographic. In this Pinterest limits infographic I have only covered usage and character limits. I haven’t written about image sizes here as I have already included them in the infographic The Pinterest Cheat Sheet to Image Sizes.

If you would like to continue using Pinterest smoothly by avoiding spam, penalties and suspensions, make sure you go through this cheat sheet  to Pinterest limits and stick within the guidelines set…

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142 Pinterest Board Ideas for a Mesmerising Brand Page [Infographic]


142 Pinterest Board Ideas for Your Brand Page

Are you creating the right boards for your Pinterest brand page? Where do you get your Pinterest board ideas from?

The boards you create on your Pinterest brand page define your brand. On any social network your brand is defined by what you share and one way to ensure that you are pinning the right images and content on Pinterest is to create the right boards. If you create Pinterest boards that are relevant to the brand you want to project you will stick to pinning on those topics.

I have noticed that many businesses have actually been creating Pinterest boards on popular topics that are completely irrelevant to what they are in hopes of getting more followers. This might actually work and get them more followers, but it won’t convert into anything.

Sure having many followers could make their profile look outstanding, but how likely are these people to buy their products or use their services in the future. Hence it is important for you to create boards relevant to your brand and attract followers who will help you run your business by being a part of it.

I have already covered the different type of boards you must create in my post 10 Boards Every Pinterest Brand Page Must Have, but there is an infographic from Launch Grow Joy that gives you many many more Pinterest board ideas. To be exact, 142 Pinterest board ideas. Even if your industry hasn’t been covered here it can give you a better idea on the type of boards you need to create for your page. Read through it and use the Pinterest board ideas to create a mesmerising brand page…

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Double Your Pinterest Followers In Just 5 Minutes a Day [Infographic]


Infographic on How to Double Your Pinterest Followers In Just 5 Minutes a Day

Would you like more Pinterest followers? How about doubling them in just 5 minutes a day?

About a couple of weeks ago I published the infographic 33 Ways to Get More Pins and Repins on Pinterest. And one of the keys to getting many repins is to have a lot of followers. So here’s an infographic from on how to double your Pinterest followers in just 5 minutes a day…

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The Complete Guide to Pinterest Group Boards [Infographic]


The Complete Guide to Pinterest Group Boards Cover Image

Are you making the most of Pinterest group boards? Would you like a detailed and simple guide on how to use them?

Pinterest group boards are a fantastic feature. I like how people can help each other and instantly expose their pins to massive audiences. This is really good for people who are trying to improve their Pinterest presence. So I created a guide in the form of an infographic which teaches you everything about group boards. It includes what they are, how they work, how they benefit both contributors and board owners and tips on how to make the most of them. The only thing I haven’t included is how to invite board contributors, which you can learn easily by reading the post How to Invite Guest Pinners to Your Pinterest Boards.

If you would like to make the most of Pinterest group boards as a board owner or contributor or both, then you must check out the infographic below…

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The Pinterest Cheat Sheet to Image Sizes

The Pinterest Cheat Sheet to Image Sizes

Would you like to find the dimensions to all Pinterest images in one place? This Pinterest cheat sheet to image sizes should help you out.

Pinterest has a new look and a new analytics tool. Along with this new look the image sizes have changed. You need to make sure you stay up to date with these modifications so that you have an effective profile. To make this easy I have compiled this Pinterest cheat sheet with all the different image sizes. I have also included the minimum size of a pinnable image to help you optimize your website. Check out the Pinterest cheat sheet to image sizes infographic…

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3 Smashing Social Media Cheat Sheets


3 Smashing Social Media Cheat Sheets - Infographics

Social media cheat sheets in the form of infographics are a great way to quickly learn more about any social network. You can find a cheat sheet on any site – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, – you name it. Many of them teach you what each network is, who can use them, how to set up profiles and how to use them.

I think it is a great way for beginners to learn more about using social media quickly and for advanced users to keep themselves updated with the latest developments on their most important networks. They can also help you easily recollect things like special features, tricks, image sizes, time saving ways to manage them, most effective methods, etc.

So here are three important social media cheat sheets you should definitely check out…

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7 Mind Blowing Pinterest Infographics


How often do you come across Pinterest infographics?

Pinterest’s phenomenal growth has lead to the publication of hundreds of infographics about it. You can find a Pinterest infographic on almost any topic. You have ones on what the social network is about, why you should use it, how to use it for business, hot to get more followers, and just about everything. Some of them are very good, others not so much. This sea of infographics can make it hard for you to locate the good ones. So I have gone through the trouble of scouring the web and finding some great Pinterest infographics. Please check them out below…

1. Why you Should be Interested in Pinterest

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20 Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers Part 1 – Infographic

20 Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers Infographic

Would you like to get more Pinterest followers?

More Pinterest followers will lead to more pins, repins, likes and comments. This can help engage your audience better and drive more traffic to your website. You will find 20 useful tips which will help you gain more Pinterest followers in this two part infographic series.

Users looking for followers who will repin their pins on Pinterest as well as those those who will pin and repin images from their websites and blogs to help drive traffic will find this infographic helpful. As these tips will help you gain followers who will be interested in sharing your pins and forming social relationships.

The first part which contains the first ten tips to get more Pinterest followers can be found below…

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How to Build Online Influence With Pinterest [Infographic]

Would you like to boost your online influence with Pinterest?

The growth of Pinterest hasn’t halted. Its quick growth continues.

Although most of its users are women, many men continue to join the network. This makes it a great a platform for businesses to boost their online influence. By targeting the right audience and getting into their minds, you can influence Pinterest users to not only buy your products, but to also help build your brand and promote your business.

This is exactly what the below infographic by Maxymiser teaches you. This infographic states some of the recent statistics of Pinterest users, then it goes into detail about their behaviour and the different types of users you can find and finally it teaches you how you can use this to your advantage to increase your website traffic, which will help market your products better.

So check out the beautiful and helpful infographic below to learn how to enhance your online influence with Pinterest…

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