6 Ways to Optimize Your Blog Post Visuals for Maximum Effect


6 Ways to Optimize Your Blog Post Visuals for Maximum Effect

Do you optimize your blog post visuals for maximum effect?

The rise in the popularity of visuals is getting people to include them in their blog posts, be it graphs, screenshots, cover images, infographics, etc. But several of them are making mistakes that can prevent them from getting the most out of these blog post visuals which can decrease readability, traffic, social media shares, etc. So here are some quick tips on how to optimize your blog post visuals for maximum effect…

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7 Tips to Instagram Photos That Will Get You More Likes [Infographic]


7 Tips to Instagram Photos That Get More Likes [Infographic]

Are you creating Instagram photos that get more likes?

Instagram has quickly become a very popular social media. The site already has over 150 million users. Businesses need to get on this network and share photos too. It’s not just enough if you just post photos on Facebook, as if you haven’t heard, young users are leaving it. And one of the reasons as pointed out by this TIME article, by Victor Luckerson, is that people now prefer using different networks for different purposes and not just using Facebook for everything. Teenagers are using Twitter for statuses, Instagram for photos and spreading their activities across various networks.

Last week I shared the infographic on How to Use Google+ for Business as I haven’t written much about Google+ on this blog. Therefore this week I am sharing with you an infographic, on Instagram, another network I haven’t really written anything about on this site, except for the infographic on How to Thrive on Social Media With Images.

From this infographic, by Curalate, you will learn what types of Instagram photos and you can use the tips to take photos with similar qualities to build your presence…

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50 Tantalising Facebook Cover Photos


What’s your favourite Facebook cover photo?

The recent changes to Facebook pages came as a surprise as they got rid of landing pages and replaced them with cover photos. Many people were a little disappointed with this, as their visitors got directly sent to the facebook pages where the wall can be seen instantly, instead of being sent to landing pages which have proven to be effective in getting more “likes.”

There is also the rule that you cannot add any promotional messages to these photos which has disappointed others. Some people have liked these changes though as it provides a new challenge and gives them the opportunity to experiment with new techniques.

Many businesses have been designing cover photos specifically for their pages while some of them have been creatively using photos they have taken. Here are 50 facebook cover photos that make great examples:-

1. Ford Motor Company

Very creative picture with a lot of people! It must have needed a lot of planning and lot of hard work.

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4 Reasons Why Pinterest Has Become Extremely Popular


Do you know why Pinterest has become popular?

Pinterest has been getting really popular recently. In fact it was one of the 10 most used social media in the year 2011. More and more people are starting to use Pinterest to promote their business effectively – it’s not just wedding planners and foodies, like most people think.

So why has Pinterest become so popular? What has it got that makes it so interesting?

Pinterest stands out because it is unique, while the other popular social media sites focus on content and messages, Pinterest focuses on images.

4 reasons why Pinterest has become popular:-

1. The most obvious reason:

Pictures of course, are the most obvious reason. Everywhere you look on Pinterest you see pictures. Content marketing is getting really popular and on sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. you’re bombarded with the latest information from blogs and all other forms of content. This content is helpful, but it all looks the same and they don’t attract your attention the same way beautiful images do.

When you visit Pinterest all you see is beautiful images with a brief description. It’s not just regular images. They are normally unique and beautiful images which are vying for your attention. People share them for a reason. This has been one of the key reasons for its success – its image based, unlike other social media which are content based.

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