How to Flawlessly Scale Images for Facebook Newsfeed Domination [Infographic]


Tips to Scale Images for the Facebook Newsfeed

Do you scale images for Facebook newsfeed domination?

Do you know what the size limit for Facebook photo posts is or what makes link posts appear as prominent large images instead of tiny thumbnails?

In these Facebook reach starved times it is important for Facebook pages to make full use of images as they perform better than the average post. You shouldn’t just directly upload images onto Facebook to increase your reach, but also optimize web pages and blog posts with flawlessly scaled images that will appear as large images when they are shared as links on Facebook.

For a complete guide on how to scale images for the Facebook newsfeed check out the below infographic from Gain. Once you begin scaling images using this guide, you should notice an improvement in your Facebook page performance…

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How to Jumpstart Your Google+ Engagement [Infographic]


Increase Your Google+ Engagement With This Infographic

Are you promoting your business with Google+?

According to Social Media Examiner’s, Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2014, Google+ is the social network marketers want to learn most about. 54% of marketers are currently using Google+, 65% want to learn more about it and 61% are preparing to increase their activities on the site in 2014. With over 300 million active users, and predictions of Google+ overtaking Facebook in social shares by February 2016, no wonder marketers envisage a bright future for businesses on Google+.

Facebook’s new algorithm which has angered businesses by shrinking reach might be playing its role too.

Graph Displays Decrease in Facebook Reach

So how do you increase your Google+ engagement?

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9 Potent Tactics to Promote Your Blog Posts [Infographic]


9 Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts [Infographic]

Are you using the right tactics to promote your blog posts?

Writing and publishing a blog post is just the beginning as you need to promote it soon after. Effective promotion will ensure that the time and effort invested in writing your blog post is worthwhile as it will convince more people to read it. There are several blog post promotion tactics scattered all over the web and finding and putting the right ones together can be a wearisome task. So Referral Candy created this fantastic infographic consisting of blog post promotion tactics from several people who have built powerful blogs.

The beauty of the infographic is that these tips are helpful both individually and together. Chris Brogan, Peg Fitzpatrick, Melonie Dodaro, Brian Dean and several other wonderful bloggers have contributed to this infographic. So make sure you read it all the way to the end and use the tips to promote your blog posts…

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15 Twitter Statistics You Probably Don’t Know, But Should [Infographic]


Implement These 15 Twitter Stats to Get More Retweets, Traffic and Followers [Infographic]

Are you using the latest twitter statistics in your social media strategy? Are they helping you get more retweets, followers and traffic?

What type of Twitter statistics do you prefer reading most, those that go on stating why it is a powerful social network to use or those that tell you how to use it better? I prefer the latter, as it’s obvious that it is a useful network. I want to know how I can use it to get better results.

If you  too would like to get better results on Twitter, you should read the below infographic where I have only included statistics that can be used to get more retweets, clicks on the links you share and followers. I also included tips on how to use these Twitter statistics. They will make it easy for you to implement the information right away…

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The Cheat Sheet to Pinterest Limits [Infographic]


An Infographic on the Limits on Pinterest

Like every social media, Pinterest has certain limits. Many of these Pinterest limits have been made official, while a few haven’t. To make it easy for you to stick inside these limits on Pinterest and avoid being branded a spammer, I have created this infographic. In this Pinterest limits infographic I have only covered usage and character limits. I haven’t written about image sizes here as I have already included them in the infographic The Pinterest Cheat Sheet to Image Sizes.

If you would like to continue using Pinterest smoothly by avoiding spam, penalties and suspensions, make sure you go through this cheat sheet  to Pinterest limits and stick within the guidelines set…

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How to Manage All Your Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day [Infographic]


You Can Manage Your Social Media Within 30 Minutes a Day With this Infographic

How long does it take you to manage all your social media accounts? Would you like to learn how to execute it within 30 minutes a day?

Managing all social media accounts (especially if there are many of them) can be a big task for the business owner, who has other important things to take care of, and for social media managers who need to manage several accounts. It can take up a huge part of your day. But if you have a plan, it is possible to manage all your social media accounts in just 30 minutes as displayed in this infographic from Pardot.

You need to check it out below and learn how to manage all your social media: this includes Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram accounts in 30 minutes a day…

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5 Minute Linkedin Management Plan for Users of All Levels [Infographic]


5 Minute Linkedin Management Plan for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Users

How long is your current Linkedin management plan? Would you like to learn how to manage your Linkedin presence in just 5 minutes a day?

You should be using Linkedin if you would like to take lead generation seriously as it can help you generate almost 3 times more leads than both Facebook and Twitter. Here’s an infographic that can help you with this.

Whether you’re trying to gain more connections, get more people to see your content, build your presence or generate more leads, you will find this infographic, with its 5 minute Linkedin management plan, from Bluewire Media, extremely helpful. A great thing you will notice about this infographic is that it has a Linkedin management plan for users of all levels, staring from beginners, to intermediates and of course advanced users…

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16 Tools to Help You Manage an Impeccable Social Presence [Infographic]


Manage Your Social Presence With These 16 Tools

Are you using the right tools to manage your social presence?

If you look around you will find hundreds and hundreds of social media apps and tools that can help you manage your social presence. Many more are added each day. A few of these can help you do something you couldn’t do yesterday and in the process manage your social presence better.

Out of all these tools a handful standout with their features, service and overall usefulness. If you would like to find out the best tools to manage your social presence right now then you have to read the infographic below. This helpful infographic from Socially Stacked also contains the different subscription plans these social media management tools offer…

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