5 Reasons Guest Blogging Is The Best Traffic Generator


This is a guest post by Tom Corson-Knowles of Online Internet Marketing Help.

Guest blogging is one of those online marketing strategies that really doesn’t get enough credit.

You see, writing a guest post just isn’t as glamorous as having 10,000 Facebook fans or 50,000 Twitter followers. Most bloggers and online marketers would rather brag about how many followers they have on Twitter instead of how much money they’re making in their business.

And hey, that’s all fine with me. I love my 10,000+ Facebook fans and 30,000+ Twitter followers – and they do help me grow my business, without a doubt! But I can honestly say that all those followers and fans and YouTube subscribers and Pinterest followers contribute to just a small fraction of my online revenue compared to guest blogging.

Here are the top 5 reasons why I love guest blogging:-

1. It’s Free

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