6 Ways to Grab Attention With Your Facebook Page Cover Photo


6 Ways to Grab Attention With Your Facebook Page Cover Photo

Are you grabbing attention with your Facebook page cover?

From small companies to large enterprises, businesses are reaping the benefits of social media. Those of us in the marketing field have discovered that peer impressions have much more impact now than they did in the past.

People turn to social media, including Facebook, to ask “friends” for recommendations when seeking a product or service. In some aspects, having an attractive Facebook page is just as important as having a user friendly website. The challenge is creating a Facebook cover that grabs the users attention and immediately prompts them to “Like” your page.

Social media, like other mediums, has become quite saturated. People are getting pickier about who and what they “Like”. So, how do you create a Facebook page cover that stands out? Below are a few ideas to help drive both Facebook likes and leads to your business…

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20 Facebook Tips to Enhance Your Page Presence [Infographic]


[Infographic] 20 Facebook Tips to Enhance Your Page Presence

Would you like to enhance your Facebook page presence?

Facebook recently made some changes which have affected several page owners negatively. The only way page owners can counter this is by stepping up their efforts. Luckily there are a lot of wonderful people, on the web, who freely share their Facebook tips with us. One such piece I found, with several bits of advice, is  this infographic by Lyubcho. It contains 20 Facebook tips that can be used to increase your presence and is a must read for anyone who wants to get the most out of their Facebook page. Check it out below…

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6 Question Types That Get More Facebook Page Comments


6 Question Types That Guarantee More Facebook Page Comments

Would you like to get more comment on your Facebook page updates?

When people leave comments on your Facebook page updates, it shows that they are highly enthusiastic in engaging back with your page as leaving comments takes more time than just ‘liking’ or ‘sharing’ something. A study by Edgerank Checker also found that comments result in 4 times more clicks than likes. Therefore it is essential for you to look for ways to get more Facebook page comments.

Facebook Posts With the Word Comment Receive More Comments

According to this study by Dan Zarrella asking questions is the best way to get people to comment on your Facebook page updates. The study shows that a question is the call to action that sparks more comments. But not all questions will have the same effect. Different types of questions will give you varying number of comments and responses. So I have written a post on the different types of questions you can ask to get more Facebook page comments. Check it out below…

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5 Facebook Apps to Help Your Business Make A Lasting First Impression

This is a guest post by Jim Belosic, CEO, ShortStack.

5 Facebook Apps to Help Your Business Make A Lasting First Impression

Are you making the most of Facebook apps?

According to a Mashable article published last fall, 50 percent of consumers value a brand’s Facebook Page more than its website. Moreover, 82 percent of survey respondents said a Facebook Page is a good place to interact with brands. So what do these stats mean? Nowadays, when consumers are interested in connecting and finding out more about your business, most of them are checking out your Facebook Page — not your website.

This knowledge should motivate you to ask yourself the following three questions:

1. What does my Facebook Page say about my business?

2. Does my Facebook Page give enough insight and information about who we are/what the business does?

3. What is my Facebook Page doing to help me grow my business?

Research by Nielsen suggests that in order to gain several minutes of a user’s attention, you must clearly communicate your value proposition within 10 seconds. Although this information is relevant to website pages, it gives a ballpark idea of how long it potentially takes a user on a brand’s Facebook Page to form an opinion about your business. Ten seconds is not a lot of time, but it’s long enough to read the About section, click on apps and scroll through Timeline status updates.

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3 Infographics for Running Magnetic Facebook Contests


3 Infographics for Running Magnetic Facebook Contests

Would you like to run magnetic Facebook contests?

Contests are an important component to running an effective Facebook page. They can increase engagement, get you more likes, increase website traffic, drive sales, etc. But running a contest on Facebook isn’t as simple as you think. You don’t just choose a random prize and target and work towards it aimlessly by launching a contest out of the blue. Facebook contests have to be planned in advance and run accordingly throughout the course of the contest. You need to first make a goal and work towards achieving it by building the perfect app, promoting the campaign, choosing a relevant prize, targeting an audience, etc.

This will help you attract an audience who will not only drive engagement, but will also be more likely to buy your products or use your services in the future. Here is a fantastic post, by Curt Finch (on Mashable), on running effective social media contests.

So if you are eager on running magnetic Facebook contests that will help you attract targeted fans, make sure you check out all the 3 essential infographics by ShortStack below…

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13 Ways to Drive More Website Traffic from Your Facebook Page


13 Ways to Drive More Website Traffic from Your Facebook Page

Would you like to drive more website traffic from your Facebook page?

Combining your Facebook page and your website can have a powerful affect on your business. You can use your Facebook page to attract thousands to millions of fans and then use them to drive website traffic to generate leads, increase sales, etc.

I have shared 13 tips below to help you drive more website traffic from your Facebook page…

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50 Tantalising Facebook Cover Photos


What’s your favourite Facebook cover photo?

The recent changes to Facebook pages came as a surprise as they got rid of landing pages and replaced them with cover photos. Many people were a little disappointed with this, as their visitors got directly sent to the facebook pages where the wall can be seen instantly, instead of being sent to landing pages which have proven to be effective in getting more “likes.”

There is also the rule that you cannot add any promotional messages to these photos which has disappointed others. Some people have liked these changes though as it provides a new challenge and gives them the opportunity to experiment with new techniques.

Many businesses have been designing cover photos specifically for their pages while some of them have been creatively using photos they have taken. Here are 50 facebook cover photos that make great examples:-

1. Ford Motor Company

Very creative picture with a lot of people! It must have needed a lot of planning and lot of hard work.

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How to Set Up a Facebook Page

Would you like to set up a Facebook page?

A facebook page is one of the basic requirements every business that wants to generate leads from social media requires. A facebook page can be a great platform for a company to advertise themselves, as they can use it to attract the millions of facebook users and increase their fan base. They can share their content and offers with these fans and increase their sales and divert traffic to their websites and blogs. They can also use it to create brands.

Below are step by step instructions which will help you to get started with creating a basic facebook page:-

1. The first thing you need to do is login to your facebook account, if you haven’t already got an account sign up for one. After you sign in, visit an existing page that hasn’t been created by you. Below the page picture and the number of likes of the page you will have a link which says “create a page,” click on this link.

2. Choose the type of business or individual you are creating the page for and fill the category, name and the address, read the terms, agree to them and get started.

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