6 Ways to Grab Attention With Your Facebook Page Cover Photo


6 Ways to Grab Attention With Your Facebook Page Cover Photo

Are you grabbing attention with your Facebook page cover?

From small companies to large enterprises, businesses are reaping the benefits of social media. Those of us in the marketing field have discovered that peer impressions have much more impact now than they did in the past.

People turn to social media, including Facebook, to ask “friends” for recommendations when seeking a product or service. In some aspects, having an attractive Facebook page is just as important as having a user friendly website. The challenge is creating a Facebook cover that grabs the users attention and immediately prompts them to “Like” your page.

Social media, like other mediums, has become quite saturated. People are getting pickier about who and what they “Like”. So, how do you create a Facebook page cover that stands out? Below are a few ideas to help drive both Facebook likes and leads to your business…

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50 Tantalising Facebook Cover Photos


What’s your favourite Facebook cover photo?

The recent changes to Facebook pages came as a surprise as they got rid of landing pages and replaced them with cover photos. Many people were a little disappointed with this, as their visitors got directly sent to the facebook pages where the wall can be seen instantly, instead of being sent to landing pages which have proven to be effective in getting more “likes.”

There is also the rule that you cannot add any promotional messages to these photos which has disappointed others. Some people have liked these changes though as it provides a new challenge and gives them the opportunity to experiment with new techniques.

Many businesses have been designing cover photos specifically for their pages while some of them have been creatively using photos they have taken. Here are 50 facebook cover photos that make great examples:-

1. Ford Motor Company

Very creative picture with a lot of people! It must have needed a lot of planning and lot of hard work.

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