Social Media Services for Business


I help individuals and businesses improve their online presence through social media and content. With my assistance, you can reach a higher number of fans and customers, and generate more revenue. Below is a list of the different social media services I offer…

Social Media Consulting

If you are keen on improving your social media and/or content marketing strategies, one on one social media consulting is for you. Whether you require some basic or advanced help, general social media help, or focused social media help on one network or several networks (including blogs), I can assist you. If you are unsure about where to begin, you can book a free twenty minute consultation or just send me an email.

Social Media Evaluation and Assesment

I will thoroughly study what you are doing on the web using your website, blog, social media accounts, newsletter, etc., and then write and email you a report in PDF format that will contain an assessment of where your social media efforts are right now and how they can be improved to reach more customers.

Here’s how it works – I will send you a questionnaire that you need to fill out. It will contain questions like what social media channels do you use, what you plan to achieve, links to your social networks, etc. After I receive your answers, I will thoroughly go through your accounts and have a consultation with you. Then I will study your audience, evaluate your networks, go through your competitors’ and industry leaders’ social networks, and write a report on how to improve your social reach. This includes a free thirty minute follow up call where I explain everything and answer your questions.

Social Media Accounts Setup

I set up social media accounts, too. I mainly specialize in setting up effective Pinterest brand pages/profiles. I also set up Twitter accounts. After setting up the accounts, I will also help you get started. I can work on your existing accounts and fix them too.

Content Marketing Help

I help businesses with content marketing in various ways…

Content Marketing Assessment: Content marketing assessment is similar to the social media assessment package. Here, I go through your blog, your other content, and your social media channels and study the type of content you create, and how you promote it and then write a plan on the type of content you need to create and how you need to promote them using SEO, social media, email, and other channels to reach more customers and fans.

Content Strategy Help: This is good for those who are planning to start a blog, or have just started. I study your audience, your company, your competitors, and your industry leaders, and design a content marketing strategy for you that will help you generate more blog traffic and customers.

Content Writing: I can also write content for you: this includes blog posts, articles, white papers, ebooks, guides, etc. I have written for top blogs like KISSmetrics, Social Media Examiner, Jeff Bullas, Problogger, Content Marketing Institute, etc.

If you want to hire me for any of the above services, please email me or fill out the below form and let me know what sort of help you require.

If you are unsure about where to get started, or the type of social media service service you need, you can book a free twenty minute consultation.

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