How To Get Your Social Media Brand Noticed: Pin It, Facebook It, Instagram It


This is a guest post by Hannah Connor of Vouchercloud.

How To Get Your Social Media Brand Noticed

Would you like to get your social media brand noticed?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and in today’s media saturated world where no one seems to have time to read a thousand words anymore images have an unparalleled ability to communicate. This is precisely why they have become such a critical marketing medium, and why businesses can no longer afford not to center their marketing campaigns on them.

With the unprecedented networking platforms of social media giants like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram images give brands a remarkable way to communicate with global audiences. And as strategies for effective social media marketing continue to evolve daily companies can learn a tremendous amount from the brands that do it best. Here’s how to get your social media brand noticed online…

Pin It

Take inspiration from Random House Books, who are unquestionably amongst the most effective brands on Pinterest today. With their overall massive social following of literary enthusiasts now just shy of 1.5 million, along with 18 great boards and 517 Pins, they have managed to do far more than simply showcase their catalogue of offerings.

From boards that let bibliophiles browse through classic book covers to pics of stunning ‘book nooks’ from houses and public spaces around the world to a board that showcases interesting literary tattoos, Random House has managed to build a wide community of followers without seeming to advertise anything. They promote their powerhouse brand by connecting with book lovers and offering them great content to spend hours gawking at.

Get Your Social Media Brand Noticed on Pinterest

Pinning is no doubt important in modern branding as it is the creative marketplace for visibility of a brand. So, when deciding to invest your time in developing your brand on this social platform you should remember the following, which are key to branching off awareness:

a) Know your audience – target them

b) Think outside the box and dare to be different – get people to uniquely talk about your brand

c) Track your pins – allow your website to verify tracking so you can then improve your content in the future

Facebook It

When it comes to a Facebook page take inspiration from who set an example with their clever and engaging use of Facebook.

Vouchercloud has managed to extend the coupon website onto a variety of platforms by translating it into pictorial form. When you look on the Vouchercloud Facebook page you will see that they post a regular stream of stunning photos, which have information about their latest discounts and links users to the discount offer.

Publish Posts that Represent Your Social Media Brand

With a host of YouTube videos, Twitter and Pinterest links, they make great use of Facebook’s multi-media capabilities. This is how you make a point by engaging followers on all networks. Vouchercloud utilizes Facebook in many ways and hosting competitions on Facebook is one good way of getting the brand noticed. With such a dynamic and multifaceted Facebook presence, the company knows how to make the most of social media.

Contests Can Boost Your Social Media Brand

Instagram It

Take inspiration from Sharpie’s Instagram page as it is the perfect example of how to utilize social media to focus in on a niche audience. While most of us are familiar with their product already, and use their pens for all kinds of ordinary office tasks, Sharpie has decided to narrow in specifically on artists and art lovers, and have grabbed them a total following of 114,571 followers to date.

Instagram is Perfect for Building a Social Media Brand

By hosting hundreds of incredible user-submitted drawings made with Sharpies, the portfolio provides artists with a platform to show off their work. Not only is it a fun place to find great artists and their sketches, but it also engages a small group of creative people who have become loyal to the brand and inspired to use their products.

Instagram has a lot of power to offer when it comes to branding and finding the right balance is one of the most important things; knowing what kind of content to reflect and how personal to get.

If you are a small business or marketer and looking to make the most of Instagram in branding, remember the following:

a) Follow your followers back – build strategic relationships

b) Generate a posting schedule – feed your Instagram account with activity

c) Get creative – use the filters to differentiate yourself

d) Create photo contests – encourage engagement through hashtag submissions

e) Upload video clips – get team profiles up, show company activities, promote product launches

Innovation in the social media marketing world is most often driven by those who find creative ways to put a unique personal spin on the tried-and-true campaigns that other companies have already pioneered. So, by learning from the examples of companies like these mentioned today, marketers can drive their online campaigns to new heights and give birth to new trends.

Often, what seems like a minor adjustment can spark tremendous success, so invest time in understanding the strengths of the campaigns listed above, and use your newfound inspiration to become the next model for innovation.

How do you get your social media brand noticed? Which other social media are good for building an online brand? Please leave your comments below.

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About Hannah Connor

Hannah is a product strategist and marketing professional. She has experience within content development, implementation of social media strategies and brand management. At present she works on the Vouchercloud coupon codes for and is assigned to building up the portfolio of discount offerings.

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