• Helpful Mitt, and the dollar tag seems to be a bargain to me too 😉 Thanks!

    • Thank you for your comment Ryan! You’re welcome.

      Read about your plans to focus on your other blog. Best of luck! Sorry for the late reply.


  • Andreas K. Giermaier

    Hi very nice article thank you. So I took the same template as you looks very nice but I cannot switch it off on showing up on ALL posts now. Thats TOO much … i only want it on the HOME Frontpage. How can I switch that off? thank you Andreas

    • SC Lim

      I tried this plugin before,

      you can disable this first. Then go into Appearance->Editor->index.php

      And put in this piece of code


  • mohammad umair

    I followed the process as shown in the official guide but still there is an issue I’m facing.

    I clicked on “Templates” to check whether it shows the template I created or not. Upon clicking on the “edit” button the page loads with lots of code related error. I have absolutely no idea why it is happening.

    I have attached the image for your reference. Can you help me out with this?


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