7 Powerful Pinterest Tools to Boost Your Presence

This is a guest post by Shanna Mallon of Straight North.

7 Powerful Pinterest Tools to Boost Your Presence

From Pin Alerts to Pin Search, Pinterest tools abound. Which ones should you use? Which will help you make the most of the social network? To help answer those questions, here’s a look at seven Pinterest tools worth trying. When you understand how the tools work and what they offer, you’re better equipped to choose which ones to use

1. Pin Alerts:-

Think of Pin Alerts as Google Alerts for Pinterest. Set up an account, and you get notified anytime anyone pins information from your site. Have more than one website to monitor? No problem. Use Pin Alerts to track as many domains as you wish.

Pin Alerts Informs You When Something is Pinned From Your SIte

Biggest Benefits with Pin Alerts:

a) Fast and easy setup

b) Automatic notifications to save you from constant Pinterest monitoring

c) Customized alert frequency (i.e., receive alerts once a day, once a week, etc.)

d) Ability to track more than one domain

e) Easy way to track pins to thank followers who share your site

2. Reachli:-

As a network with over 70 million users, Pinterest is an environment primed for monetization and advertising. But for brands and publishers alike, the most common question is “How?”As a brand, how do you use Pinterest to promote your products? As a publisher, how do you make money from a large audience? Enter Reachli. Working with 30,000+ advertisers, 1,000+ publishers, and 1,500+ daily campaigns, Reachli pairs advertisers with relevant brands, placing visual ads in the hover-over space of an image. While today it works with more than Pinterest images, Reachli actually grew out of the former Pinerly, a Pinterest analytics tool.

Reachli Can Help You Advertise on Pinterest

Biggest Benefits with Reachli:

a) A way to leverage Pinterest influence for advertising and profit

b) Visual advertising focus

c) Contextual advertising

d) Potential for better brand awareness and engagement

3. PinGraphy:-

If you ever wished you could save time by scheduling pins, you will love PinGraphy.  With this tool, not only can you schedule pins, but you can also gain powerful analytics on influential users, click tracking, and more. Rather than nursing your Pinterest account day and night, invest a chunk of time here and there to schedule pins—PinGraphy makes it easy. Here’s a detailed post by Wong Ching Ya on how to use Pingraphy to Schedule Pins.

Pingraphy Helps You Schedule Pins

Biggest Benefits with PinGraphy:

a) Ability to upload images in bulk

b) Ability to edit images

c) Detailed metrics on pins

d) Tools to manage multiple accounts

4. Pinpuff:-

Use Pinpuff to calculate your influence and measure your popularity on Pinterest. This tool assigns you a specific score, complete with monetary values. Dubbed as a “Klout for Pinterest,” Pinpuff is meant to give marketers a clear sense of return on investment (ROI), an increasingly helpful measurement in this social media age.

Pinpuff Calculates Your Pinterest Pinfluence

Biggest Benefits with Pinpuff:

a) Easy to set up and use

b) Clearly estimates pin worth

c) Identifies influencers on the network

d) Makes it easier to measure ROI

5. PinBooster:-

Another income opportunity for pinners (and a marketing opportunity for brands) comes from PinBooster. This tool links advertisers with Pinterest users who are willing to pin content for compensation. The higher a user’s influence, the higher price he or she can command. What’s more, PinBooster tracks all campaigns.

Use PinBooster to Send Sponsored Pins

Biggest Benefits with PinBooster:

a) Advertising for brands – reach a larger audience

b) Revenue stream for publishers

c) Price range, based on publisher’s influence

d) Easy and convenient to set up and use

6. Piqora:-

With Piqora, you have access to extensive analytics via an intuitive dashboard with reports and metrics built into your account. Easily track pins, influential pinners, and more.  You may also use this tool to track the results of any campaigns you run on Pinterest. Piqora makes it easy to customize, run, track, and repeat contests via Pinterest.

Piquora Provides Access to Extensive Pinterest Analytics

Biggest Benefits from Piqora:-

a) See your brand’s potential reach

b) Easily calculate return on investment (ROI)

c) Compare your pins, repins, followers, and ability to go viral

d) Easily customize contests and promotions

7. Pin Search:-

Pin Search is a Google Chrome extension you can add to your browser to enhance the Pinterest experience. With it, perform a Google image search on any picture on Pinterest, and gain a wealth of information—similar pictures, websites where the image appears, who created the picture, etc.

Pin Search Finds More Information About the Pin on Google

Biggest benefits of Pin Search:-

a) Convenient setup and usability

b) Greater knowledge about any pinned picture

c) Access to similar photos

d) Information about who created the image

What are you waiting for? Boost your presence today by putting one or more of these Pinterest tools to work!

Your Thoughts:-

Have you tried any of the Pinterest tools in this post? Have you found others you like as well? Please share your experience with us by leaving a comment below.

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