6 Ways to Get Many Twitter Followers


Twitter can be a powerful lead generator. Using twitter you can share your content and others’ content and use it to build relationships, increase traffic to your websites and generate leads.

When you get started with twitter you have two choices, you can either have a few followers, concentrate on them and build close bonds with them or you can have many followers and take advantage of the benefits listed below.

A few benefits of having many followers:-

1. Many followers will result in many more clicks on the links you share.

2.  The number of retweets you get is directly proportional to the number of followers you have. Therefore, if you have got many followers you will get many more retweets.

3. Many followers can lead to many leads.

I have always found having many followers better than having a few. This is why I have written a post on obtaining many twitter followers.

Below you will find 6 ways to get many twitter followers:-

1. Mass follow people:

Try and follow as many people as you can. When you follow many people a percentage of them will definitely follow you back (normally 30%).  You can wait for about 2 or 3 days for them to follow you back. After waiting, you can continue following those who have followed you and unfollow those who haven’t followed you back.

A great place to find many people who have the same interest as you and your target audience is through lists created by others. To make things easier you could use a mass unfollow tool like Manage Filter. If you want to use this method, you need to make sure you follow the limits placed by twitter.

2. Share Good Content:

People will want to follow you if you share good content that interests them and helps them. Therefore, you need to make an attempt to look for interesting content that can help various readers. All of it doesn’t have to be serious work related content. Some of it can be something fun to read too. If you share various types of content, people from all walks of life will follow you and you will have a huge base consisting of different types of followers. So look for good content every day and share it on your twitter account.

3. Write Good Content:

If you want to generate leads through twitter or get hundreds of followers; you need to have your own blog where you publish your content too. You also need to make sure you publish quality content on your blog regularly. Publishing quality content will help you get many followers as people will be keen on reading your content as soon as it is published and they will expect you to tweet your content as soon as it is published.

4. Use a mass follow tool:

You could use a mass follow tool like Tweet Adder or Tweet Spinner. Both these tools can automatically control your twitter accounts and help you follow and unfollow people. These tools follow people, based on the settings you have provided. I haven’t used Tweet Adder, but I can vouch for Tweet Spinner, as I have used it.

Tweet spinner has the mimic follow and keyword options. These options can help you find proper twitter users based on the settings you provided. Using these settings you can filter out spam.

5. Accept everybody who follows you:

If you don’t mind following everybody who follows you, you can use a tool like Social Oomph and follow back everybody who follows you. This way everybody who follows you will continue following you. But you need to be careful here, as there will be a few people who unfollow you after you have followed them.

6. Start and host a Tweet Chat:

Tweet chats are getting very popular. If you start and host your own tweet chat and it gets very popular, people will automatically start following you, as they will want to attend your tweet chat week after week. They will want to read your updates and know about the topics you plan to discuss at your chats in advance.

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Hope these tips help you get many twitter followers. Have you got any other tips on getting many twitter followers? Could you please share them with us? Please leave your comments in the comments box below.

Mitt Ray is the founder of Social Marketing Writing. Connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+  and Linkedin.

About Mitt Ray

Mitt Ray is the Founder of Social Marketing Writing. Connect with him on Pinterest and Twitter @MittRay.

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