• Gina, excellent post. What resonates most with me is #5. Include a call to action. I’ve seen many FB page covers where the page owner obviously spent time, effort, and money on design. However, they left off the call to action. Put it this way, if you’re going to lead horses to water, make the effort to ask them to drink…

    • Gina Smith

      Great point, Gene. People do tend to leave out the CTA. Thank you, your feedback is appreciated!

    • Greg

      I’ve noticed this too. It is important to add a call-to-action.

  • BigcomDevloper

    Nice One,The cover photo of your Facebook Page is a great piece of marketing real estate. Facebook Page Tabs are powerful for driving in-Facebook conversions.Include text that re-affirms what you’re saying in the cover photo.

    • Gina Smith

      Thank you for your feedback!! Yes, Tabs are a very powerful tool.

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