4 Social Media Tools to Help You Generate Leads That Pay Now and in the Future


4 Social Media Tools to Help You Generate Leads That Pay Now and in the Future

Are you using social media to generate leads? Would you like to learn about tools that can simplify generating leads through social media?

There are thousands of useful social media tools and apps on the web and they do such wonderful things, that running a business is both simpler, and inexpensive. Some of the most important of these tools are the ones that can help you generate leads. As leads are the key to earning revenue that can help your business survive. So I have shared 4 social media tools to help you generate leads below…

1. NeedTagger:

Need Tagger Can Help You Generate Leads With Twitter

Would you like to generate leads with Twitter? If your answer is yes, then NeedTagger is something you should definitely use. This software can help you find tweets that have the potential to turn into leads. Here’s how it works…

First set up an account, you can do it for free. You simultaneously start your first campaign while setting up your account.

How to Register on NeedTagger

In the first field, fill in your stream name.

Then connect your Twitter account. After that choose the target industry, this is the industry your business operates in. As an e.g. I am choosing ‘Marketing’.

Now choose a relevant pretested stream created by NeedTagger. I am choosing the option ‘Social: People seeking followers / need help increasing social influence’. Then choose a conversation type. I am selecting ‘Buying’ and ‘Needing’. Now add in relevant keywords. You can also add location and profile options if you would like to.

Once you have added in all the details, click next.

NeedTagger Feed With Potential Tweets

You will be able to see your stream now. You will only be able to view 20% of the results as we have set up a free account. If you would like to view all results you need to upgrade your account.

Now browse through the tweets and look for potential leads. Among the many tweets, you will find some people and businesses asking questions. If you know the answers provide them and engage back. You can answer any question by clicking on ‘Outreach’ and then typing down your tweet and sending it. You can also tag interesting tweets and deal with them later.

You can click on the ‘Edit’ button at the top and change the stream settings and look for more leads. If you continuously search for tweets and answer them, you will definitely be able to generate some leads.

2. Aweber:

Aweber Can be used to Generate Leads

Aweber is one of the best email marketing tools that can help you build a list full of leads. Using Aweber you can create opt-in forms people can sign up to with their personal details like email, name, phone number, address, etc. You can then connect these opt-in forms to lists so that all their details can be managed easily. You can send unlimited emails to these lists using the various templates provided. You can also schedule your emails to go out in the future. It also measures the spam score of your emails to help you optimize your emails so that they reach the inbox.

There are so many things you can do with it. This is a great tool for building relationships with your readers and generating long term leads.

3. Vcita:

Vcita Is Great for Generating Leads

Have you noticed the contact form that appears at the right bottom of this website? If you have not seen it yet, then you have not been on the site for 40 seconds. You might see a tiny contact button at the beginning, but if you wait you will see the form. Anyway, if you’re in a hurry, here’s how it looks…

Vcita Gets People to Contact You

This is the Vcita form. As it suddenly appears out of the bottom, it instantly grabs the visitor’s attention and gets them to contact you. Trust me when I tell you this, as the number of people who contact me has gone up tremendously ever since I installed this form. You might think it annoys people, but it’s quite the contrary. Since I have installed it, only one person has complained. Rest of the people who contact me about the form want to know what it is and how they can install it on their blog or website.

Aweber is good for building leads for a long-term goal, but what about now. How will you generate leads now? The answer is Vcita. With this tool, you can ask people to contact you by asking a question or you can get them to directly schedule an appointment. There are various settings and choices that help you modify your form to make it more effective. You can adjust the time it takes to appear too and then make it show up repeatedly. To learn more about it, just try it out. It’s both free and easy to install on your blog or website.

4. ShortStack:

Generate Leads on Facebook With Shortstack

The best way to generate leads on Facebook is through your tabs. A tool that can help you create some wonderful lead generating apps for your Facebook tabs is ShortStack. Jim Belosic, the CEO of ShortStack, wrote an amazing post 5 Facebook Apps to Help Your Business Make a Lasting First Impression which you must read. Many of the apps mentioned in this post help generate leads and can be created using ShortStack.

An important point Brian Moran of Get 10,000 Fans stresses is that Facebook fans don’t buy from you, but the people who buy from you are your email subscribers. And he asks people to use their Facebook pages to build lists with tabs. You can do this easily with ShortStack and there are several options. This can be achieved with just a regular sign up form or you could run contests, offers, and various other campaigns. So if your aim is to generate leads, put your focus on generating them, instead of ‘Likes’.

These four social media tools should help you generate leads that pay now and in the future.

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Which social media tools help you generate leads? What other methods can businesses use to generate leads with social media? Please leave your comments below. 

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