4 Fabulous Twitter Networking Tips


4 Fabulous Twitter Networking Tips

Would you like some Twitter networking tips?

Twitter is all about networking, meeting new people, building relationships and maintaining them. If you know how to network you should be way ahead of everyone else. Networking will help you build a loyal following, drive more engagement, generate sales and leads, etc. So here are a four Twitter networking tips to help you build your presence…

1. Share a lot of content:

An easy way to network on Twitter is by tweeting a lot of useful content. These could be simple and short tips or they could be links that lead to blog posts and other types of content. For best results share content under your niche or a topic you specialize in. This will help you attract your target audience (followers). People will want to follow you to get hold of the content. Your Twitter profile needs to be the go-to place to find fresh content on that topic.

Also when you tweet, mention the Twitter handle of the author of the post or the owner of the blog. This will alert them and get them to notice you. You could also add a comment before or after the post letting them and your followers know that the post is worth reading. I have found that this works really well as it attracts the attention of the person mentioned. Don’t just share content directly, retweet others too.

Jay Baer Twitter Account

Someone who does this really well is Jay Baer. If you visit his Twitter account you will notice that he shares a lot of content regularly and he mentions the author of the post and adds a comment letting us know how good it is. This is one of the best ways to network on Twitter. The comments make us want to check out the article and they also alert the author of the post, thereby helping Jay Baer strengthen his relationship with them.

2. Thank people:

The next time someone shares some work you have done, retweets you or mentions you in a positive manner, thank them. This will help you build a better relationship with people. They will also be more likely to retweet you or share your work in the future when you do this. So spend a few minutes every day thanking people.

John Paul Aguiar Twitter Account

John Paul Aguiar thanks people whenever they retweet his tweets. I have retweeted his work a few times and not once has he forgotten to thank me. This way he thanks all the other people who share his work. This will encourage people to retweet his posts again. Showing appreciation is an important component of social media marketing.

3. Ask questions:

A great way to network with others is by asking questions. These could be questions you ask specific people or they could be general questions you ask everyone who follows you.

Next time when someone follows you, instead of sending out an automated direct message, send them a personal tweet. Read their bio, go through their tweets, visit their website if you can and learn more about them. After that address them by their name and ask them a meaningful question.

Combine these types of questions with some general ones which you ask all your followers and when someone answers them make sure you communicate back. If you have more questions ask them and if they have been helpful let them know about it by thanking them.

4. Take part in Twitter chats:

Twitter chats are one of the best places to network and meet new people. In these places you have both experts and amateurs attending to learn more about a subject. So make it a point to attend chats on both, subjects you are an expert in and ones you are a novice at. And when you attend it, don’t just be a spectator, be active by retweeting others, thanking them whenever you can, asking questions, providing helpful answers and sharing your opinion. If you have a good chat with someone make sure you follow them. If you regularly take part in twitter chats you should be able to meet a lot of people. Here’s a list of 30 Twitter chats that might interest you.

Follow all the above tips to network better on Twitter.

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Did I forget to mention anything important? Would you like to share any Twitter networking tips with us? Please leave your comments below. 

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  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Thanks for mentioning me here Mitt.. Appreciate that man. It really is all about sharing great content, your and others, and then engaging in the conversations from those shares and show your appreciation for any tweets or comments that comes your way.

    Nice work.


    • http://www.mittray.com Mitt Ray

      You’re welcome John!

      Thank you so much for your tip on using Twitter effectively.