30 Pinterest Accounts and Boards You Must Follow for Marketing Tips


30 Pinterest Accounts and Boards You Must Follow for Marketing Tips

Would you like to get a hold of the freshest and best social media and marketing tips on Pinterest?

There are a lot of wonderful people and businesses who share helpful social media tips on Pinterest. Following them will help you get a hold of the latest and best content which can help you stay up-to-date and find the latest marketing tips to promote your business.

I have compiled a list that consists of people (profiles) and businesses (pages) you must follow on Pinterest to obtain some great content on marketing. I have also included some Pinterest boards and a few blogs. Check them out below…

 People and Businesses: Pinterest accounts you must follow

Here’s a list of both People and Businesses you must follow on Pinterest to see useful marketing tips in your feed.

007 Marketing on Pinterest

007 Marketing: Daniela of 007 Marketing has one of the best Pinterest brand pages on marketing out there. Follow her not just to get the latest marketing tips from the wide range of boards, but to also learn how to use Pinterest effectively to gain several followers.

M2 Media Management on Pinterest

M2 Media Management: Monica McPherrin of M2 Media Management has a great Pinterest brand page, where she shares the latest social media tips. Follow her to see a lot of really good pins in your feed.

Melonie Dodaro on Pinterest

Melonie Dodaro: Melonie Dodaro shares a lot of useful social media tips. Follow her to get tips on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. which can be used to promote your business.

Astrid Brouwer on Pinterest

Astrid Brouwer: Astrid Brouwer shares a lot of Pinterest tips. She has several boards dedicated just for Pinterest. Follow her to see the latest Pinterest tips.

Bzzzsocial on Pinterest

Bzzzsocial: Follow Adrian Fusiarski as he shares tips on digital marketing which includes everything from social media, SEO, blogging and web design.

MCNG Marketing on Pinterest

MCNG Marketing: This is another fantastic Pinterest brand page, where you can find Pinterest tips. Follow Vincent Ng as he shares a lot of Pinterest marketing tips.

Ching Ya on Pinterest

Ching Ya: Ching Ya’s Pinterest account is a must follow for getting the latest social media marketing tips. This account and her blog have a wealth of information on social media marketing.

Socially Sorted on Pinterest

Socially Sorted: Donna Moritz runs this great Pinterest page where she shares a lot of social media tips. Follow this page and see some great tips to promote your business.

Your Social Media Company on Pinterest

Your Social Media Company: This page, run by Kevin Gorsline, is a great account to follow for anyone looking for social media and other marketing tips. It has also got a very popular individual board which I have written about later in the post.

ShortStack Lab on Pinterest

ShortStack Lab: Lots of helpful social media tips (focusing on Facebook) can be found on this brand page. Make sure you follow it to get the best Facebook marketing tips.

Kelly Lieberman on Pinterest

Kelly Lieberman: Kelly Lieberman shares a lot of Pinterest tips on her profile. She also has a board called #PinChat that is dedicated to her Twitter chat which goes by the same name.

GoPixel on Pinterest

GoPixel: GoPixel too share a lot of Pinterest and social media marketing tips. They also have a great Pinterest blog, which you will learn about later in this blog post.

Pinterest on Pinterest

Pinterest: Of course you have to follow Pinterest if you are on Pinterest. This will help you quickly receive information on the latest changes and updates to the social network.

Beth Kanter on Pinterest

Beth Kanter: Follow Beth Kanter for some great pins on how your non profit can use social media. You can also find some general social media marketing tips here.

Constant Contact on Pinterest

Constant Contact: Every business and marketer must follow this page as there are lots and lots of tips on marketing here. You can find information on just about anything on digital marketing.

Pinterest Mastery on Pinterest

Pinterest Mastery: Almost all the boards on this page are dedicated to Pinterest. Follow them to get an endless stream (of pins) on the latest Pinterest news and marketing tips.

Lorna Sixsmith on Pinterest

Lorna Sixsmith: Lorna Sixsmith shares a lot of tips on Pinterest and social media marketing. She has a popular board which I have included later in this post.

Mari Smith on Pinterest

Mari Smith: Mari Smith has a powerful presence on Pinterest too, where she shares some really good infographics. Follow her to see some fantastic and useful visual content in your feed.

Pinterest Boards You Must Follow

Here’s a list of some great Pinterest boards, contributed by both individuals and groups, you must follow for social media tips.

Everyone’s Social Media Resource Pinterest Board

Everyone’s Social Media Resource: Everyone’s Social Media Resource is a fantastic group board run by Your Social Media Company, where a lot of wonderful people contribute several useful pins on the topic, social media.

Join This Pinterest Board on Pinterest

Join This #Pinterest Board: A popular Pinterest board filled with tons of useful pins on marketing with Pinterest. You must follow this board.

Social Media Marketing World on Pinterest

Social Media Marketing World: This is a great resource for finding social media tips. Follow this board and you will be sure to see a lot of valuable infographics in your feed.

Pinterest Training and Tips on Pinterest

Pinterest Training & Tips: A really great board owned by Krishna De that is dedicated to tips on Pinterest. Has a really good board cover too.

Pinterest Day on Pinterest

Pinterest Day!: A really popular board on Hubspot’s Pinterest brand page. A few people together contribute a lot of helpful pins on this group board.

Pinterest Savvy on Pinterest

Pinterest Savvy: A brilliant group board run by Melissa Taylor. This is a must follow board if you want to learn how to get a million followers, as Melissa Taylor has achieved this feat – she has close to 1.5 million followers.

Social Media Pinterest Tips on Pinterest

Social Media/Pinterest Tips: A great board filled with lots of social media and Pinterest marketing tips. You will definitely find this board helpful.

Mashable Social Media on Pinterest

Social Media: Mashable’s Pintetest board that is dedicated to social media.

How to Use Pinterest on Pinterest

How to Use Pinterest: Lorna Sixsmith’s board that consists of tips on how to use Pinterest, as the name suggests.

Pinterest Tips and Hacks on Pinterest

Pinterest Tips & Hacks: A board on Pintetest tips, run by Kelly Lester, of Easy Lunch Boxes, who has written a lot on the topic.

Social Media and Internet Infographics on Pinterest

Social Media and Internet Infographics: A very useful board owned by Irene Koehler which contains several helpful infographics on the topics of social media and the internet.

All Things Blogging and Social Media on Pinterest

All Things Blogging & Social Media: Follow Alison Lee on this board as she shares content on blogging and social media. You are sure to find this board very helpful.

Bonus: Blogs to Follow For Pinterest Tips

A place to get detailed Pinterest tips and news is blogs. Here are some great blogs which can help you stay up-to-date and learn some powerful Pinterest Marketing tips. Make sure you subscribe to them.

MCNG Marketing: This is a very helpful blog where Vincent Ng shares a lot of well written posts on marketing with Pinterest.

Pinterest Savvy: Melissa Taylor also has a blog by the same name as her board (Pinterest Savvy). You can find lots of great articles here.

Social Media Examnier: Social Media Examiner isn’t focused on Pinterest, but they regularly publish helpful articles on Pinterest marketing.

Pinterest Blog: This is the best place to get a hold of the latest Pinterest updates and changes.

PinLeague Blog: You can find a lot of well written Pinterest tips on the Pin League blog.

Hubspot: Along with other marketing topics, Hubspot shares many Pinterest marketing tips.

Socially Sorted: Donna Moritz regularly writes articles on Pinterest marketing on Socially Sorted.

Hello Society: Another blog that focuses on Pinterest. If you would like to learn more about marketing with Pinterest, make sure you subscribe to this blog.

GoPixel Blog: This is a great blog to find the latest Pinterest news and tips.

For more Pinterest marketing tips, watch our Free Pinterest Marketing Video Tutorial which can be accessed by Signing Up to our blog updates.

Which one of the above is your favourite Pinterest resource? Have I missed listing any important accounts or boards or blogs? Which are the Pinterest accounts and boards you must follow? Please leave your comments below. 

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